Adult Housekeeping Tips: How To Impress a Bedroom Guest

I am no June Cleaver, but I watch her on the boob tube. While adult bedroom organization was not a proper topic for public discussion back in June's day, as a moderately modern woman who likes to keep a household relatively efficient I feel that some light needs to be shed on what a straight adult female over the age of 30 wants in a bedroom: Comfort and cleanliness.

Other additions in a bedroom are nice too, naturally, but at my age and level of experience comfort and cleanliness outrank an over-gadgetized pigsty owned by a fat cat with a fat cock. As if. There is nothing impressive about expecting a woman of any age to be wooed by lip service and taken home to dirty sheets, an unmade bed, and absently strewn gym socks. Gag me.

Fortunately, it does not cost a lot of money to keep a bedroom clean nowadays since dollar stores carry gobs of cleaning supplies at very reasonable prices. If a night out drinking or a night out at the movies is affordable, then forgo one night out and stay in with a stockpile of cleaning supplies to prepare for the arrival of a woman. I highly recommend this to any man looking to land a woman; take sufficient action when it comes to ensuring the bedroom is clean as well as the bathroom and other extraneous rooms, but only if you want to make her swoon.

Along with cleaning supplies, bedroom comforts do not cost much either, relatively speaking, and it is quite often the little things that make the biggest difference. For example, something small I incorporate that makes a world of difference and that other adults might appreciate is keeping a reasonable supply of clean washcloths within easy reach of a bed. Speaking frankly as a female, there is nothing appealing about being given either a foreign piece of laundry off the floor or a cold wet wipe, disposable or otherwise. Ew. Perhaps this post will save others from such misfortunes.

For the love of June, why wouldn't people keep such a stash at hand near a bed? It actually makes less sense to not be prepared with a washcloth stash than to have one on standby. After all, what else is a bed for, especially if you want to get laid in it? Sheesh. Therefore, always be prepared. Washcloths are small, cheap and very easy to wash with a regular load of clothes. When dirty washcloths are in the hamper, simply rotate another set into the bedroom so fresh cloths are always ready.

Along with preparatory washcloths, I find it to be beneficial and efficient to have any other desired bedroom necessities stored nearby the bed as well: toys and toy boxes, lubes and gels, massage oils, positioning pillows, erotic literature, blindfolds, and whatever else is deemed necessary to make time in bed comfortable. Should there not be an enclosed area to store items in neatly, I recommend using any style of storage bin, though perhaps not a clear one, for storing items in until they are needed. Perhaps such preparations are viewed as overly anal, but in a blog post like this that should not be a surprise. Besides, if a girl can't be anal in the bedroom, then where can she be anal at? Indeed.

When it comes to washcloth preferences I am not brand loyal. Recently I found bundles of Mainstays brand washcloths at the nearby Walmart (cheaper than on Amazon) and so far, so good. They are 100% cotton and were soft to begin with, but after a wash with fabric softener they are now super soft and approved for service. You can check them out below to buy a set for your bedroom today.

Thanks for reading.

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