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The past month has been spent moving, unpacking, cleaning, nesting and settling into the new residence. The past year and a half has been spent waiting for this next phase to begin, combined with excessive wondering and worrying as to what the next phase would even be.

With my permanent work station now set up for writing and transcribing, along with my sewing station close by, life's next phase has begun. In honor of my life's many recent changes I felt it was time, once again, to implement change in my virtual world.

I am an adult: Consider yourselves warned.
Since I am an adult, who lives an adult lifestyle free of children, and who enjoys writing about adult topics, and who uses adult language whenever the mood strikes, I have changed the adult content setting so that now a warning page is displayed to visitors before entering my blogging world.

  • Eve on Cannabis: The Pot Hole: An updated page featuring my writings on the topic of cannabis. Find links to my Flickr cannabis photos, Jack Dupp's Pot Hole blog featuring medical cannabis information, plus The Pot Hole's Twitter feed.  
  • Sidebar Scroll: Find links to affiliates and sponsors, recommendations, and my featured Zazzle products, along with my Twitter feed, G+ spot, and blog subscription options.

Share Your Thoughts: What do you think of the blog?
Love it? Hate it? Needs fixing? Please leave your feedback in the comments or email me direct. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Matt Forney said...

As an FYI, putting the content warning on your blog will murder your search traffic. Google doesn't index blogs that use the warning page properly, so your SEO rankings will tank. Just so you know.