YouTube Captions Suck: The Case for Human Stenographers

You may not know it, but you need me, or at the very least you need my stenographic skills.

The reason why you need my skills is not always easy to explain, but thanks to the automated captions provided by YouTube the point of my case is proven far beyond the preponderance of the evidence in a succinct visual demonstration.

Please take 10 minutes to watch my latest video below, In Re: Being a Stenographer.  To truly understand and see why my skills matter, the free automated YouTube captions must be turned on.  The YouTube captions are for demonstrative purposes and the stenographic perfectionist in me will make a correct transcript at a later time.

I would love to hear comments from anyone who uses captions by choice or out of necessity.  How important are accurate captions to you?
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Thanks for watching and enjoy the laugh!

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