Autumn Rewind 2014: Moments From Life

Being in a new area means new discoveries, which is just about everything right now because so much is new to me, thus turning discoveries of wonder into distractions from other tasks. I may be a native of this state but the Olympic Peninsula is refreshingly not the same as the south Puget Sound region, so it makes for lots of daily discoveries and first-time experiences.

Not only am I adjusting to a new region of Washington, but I am still adjusting to being back in Washington.  At the time of writing this, it is only a little shy of two years since returning after residing four years in Montana. The first time I visited the state, it made a mark on me, and living in it made more marks on me; it will take time for their imprints to fade. However, I am hopeful that, based on my experiences thus far, being where I am at now will help my ongoing acclimation process for the better.

Please enjoy photos of recent experiences during my first autumn
in the Olympic Peninsula:
A day exploring Port Angeles, meeting locals,
and tasting regional brews @ The Lazy Moon

First time attending the Dungeness River Festival
Artwork by local school kids

Property vermin strikes a pose

Fired up the burn barrel
A.K.A. Redneck Recycler/Shredder

Native Plant Walk with the
Clallam Conservation District

First time attending the Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival

Volunteer Perk: First time eating raw oysters
(Thanks, Tad!)

First time hiking Storm King Trail
Overlooking Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park

A curious Gray Jay atop Storm King Trail

Wild mushrooms in the Olympic National Park

First Halloween in the Olympic Peninsula

Arrival of the first frost

First time making Banana Cream Pie

More first-time experiences in the works:
A day discovering Port Townsend
Peninsula Trails Coalition Turkey Trot 5k Volunteer
Thanksgiving pie baking (for people who haven't tasted my pies yet!)
Review (by request!) of an Andy Nowicki book

When was the last time you had a first-time experience?
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