Thrifty Gifting: Library Goodies with Poetry

Pop quiz, hot shot: It's the holidays, you have no money, shopping is not an option, a move is being planned, and the last thing you want is more crap in the house to pack up, but you still want to give someone a gift they really want and deserve for being an awesome uber-friend. What do you do? What do you do?

A: You make like Eve and go to the library. 

How I made an unforgettable gift with help from the library:
  • I reserved 10 items specifically selected for the gift-receiving uber-friend.
  • I penned a sufficient amount of lyrical prose to describe the gift.
  • I printed the itemized list and prose on a standard-size sheet of white copy paper.
  • I gave the paper a decorative trim with Fiskars paper edgers.
    • Caveat Crafter: Cheaper brands do not work as well as Fiskars.
  • I folded the paper neatly and sealed it with a sticker.
The gift was a wild success, not only because I managed to give something without bringing more crap into the house, but especially because I made sure to reserve Volume 1 of the first season of Breaking Bad. We had not seen any of the shows at that point and it had recently ended its run on air, so our curiosity had finally bested us and we wanted to watch it from the beginning. Renting or buying the series was not an option, so that is when I checked to see what the local library had in their online catalog. Wouldn't you know it, they had the entire series available on DVD. Now I was cooking. Once I made this discovery it was on like Donkey Kong and my thrifty gifting idea of library goodies fell into place from there.

Thanks to this gift of library goodies, we eventually worked our way through the entire series of Breaking Bad for less than $5, due to a couple late charges. It took us a few months to get through the series; I would reserve a DVD each time we finished one, since the series has to be watched in order. The first DVD took the longest to arrive, but after that the waiting lists got shorter. Since all the DVDs contained three to five episodes, it was always a mini-marathon when a new disc arrived. Sometimes we would go a few days waiting for the next DVD, but the break gave us time to speculate as to what could happen next in Walter White's world. Plus, the library was a 1-mile walk away so it didn't take anything but my bipedal abilities to get me there. Overall, a super successful thrifty gift that has my uber-friend and I eagerly awaiting the premiere of the follow-up prequel Better Call Saul.

Library Goodies Caveats:
  • Do not borrow anything that you cannot take responsibility for. Libraries may be open to everyone, but as a frequent user I can attest to the fact that not everyone knows how to use a library or how to take care of library items. Please learn what your responsibilities are from your local library before borrowing.
  • Library goodies require a modicum of supervision to ensure that the items are not lost or damaged. I gifted library goodies to an adult housemate, so the items did not leave my residence and I had supervision over them; I picked up and returned all items myself without passing the work on to my friend (FYI, errands are not gifts). If the library goodies will not be with you, or if the receiver is not responsible enough to properly take care of the library goodies, or if you have to pass the work on to someone else who will not ensure proper oversight of the library goodies, the gift may not work in your favor and may cost you money in the end.

Library Goodies Benefits:
  • Low maintenance: no unnecessary wrapping.
  • Minimalism: no excessive clutter after the holidays.
  • Little to no cost: so long as the items are not lost, damaged, or returned excessively late.
  • Want not, waste not: no throwing away of anything that is unwanted or has short-lived appeal since it all gets returned to the library.
  • Convenience: reserve library goodies any time online, while in your pajamas, naked, or even in the bathroom (library participation may vary). 
  • The gift that keeps giving: when one item is returned, reserve another item as a surprise to keep gifts coming all year.
  • Test run: find out if an item is worth purchasing by checking it out first.
  • Personal development: use creativity, ingenuity, and originality in selecting and presenting the gift.
  • Resourcefulness: utilize what you already pay for through taxation. 
Thrifty Gifting: Library Goodies with Poetry by Eve Penman
Merry Christmas from Eve Penman
I selected these items just for you and I hope you find that they will do.
Try them all out and see what you think; there's nothing to wrap and nothing to keep.
I'll pick them up and deliver them to you, and then I'll return them so they aren't overdue.
Should you want something longer than a few weeks, you'll have to buy it yourself because I'm too damn cheap.

What's your thrifty gifting idea?
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Thank you for reading.

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