Nom de Guerre: You Got a War Name?

Humans are the same all over, from Facebookland to Twitville and beyond.

A recent topic I saw mentioned in my Twitter feed, much like I saw in my Facebook feed in 2009, is the idea of people who use fake names online. Oh, the hilarity...and the predictability. Pardon me while I yawn.

So, let me see if I have this right: The year is now 2015, and anyone who has been educated in the American public school system has most likely heard of Mark Twain; and a great majority of people have rocked out to a man called Sting as well as another man called Prince; and many people enjoy comic books by a man called Stan Lee, and other folks enjoy books from a man named Dean Koontz; and then there are movies from a man called Woody Allen and music by some lady calling herself Fergie...and they all have pen names, fake names essentially, and people gladly call them by those fake names...yet there are still people who exist in this world that consider it somehow wrong to use a fake name??
Why? Did I miss something? Is there a law that states a person has to be famous in order to use a fake name? Is there a law that states a person cannot have a fake name, a pen name, an assumed name, a pseudonym, a nom de guerre -- a name of their own choosing for the sake of sharing their message (so long as they are not committing fraud on legal documents of course)?

Well, is there? Yeah, I didn't think so.

However, for those who do think in such a manner, I say: Oh, puh-lease, do me a favor and take your unaware, uninformed, illiterate and unimaginative selves elsewhere...preferably to a well-lit corner with a book so you might learn something; perhaps start with Dr. Seuss and work your way up to Mark Twain or George Orwell, whichever comes first.

For those who do not know, Eve Penman is not my legal name, nor is it the only name I have ever used online. Such a shocker, I know. Someone on the Internet using a fake name?!  Why, whatever is this world coming to?

Maybe it is coming to life.
There are multiple reasons why I chose to use a pen name when I started this blog in 2009 -- childhood fantasy, literary romanticism, privacy protection -- but when it comes down to it the main reason is this: Because I wanted to since I have the right. So there. After five years of using the Eve Penman name however, I no longer view it as just a pen name but more as a nom de guerre -- a war name.

That's right, I got a war name. Aaaahhhh!!!!!

Why have a war name? Because, as Robin Williams stated in Dead Poets Society: This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls. So, why not protect one's heart and soul when one can with the shield of a self-chosen nom de guerre? It may not be for everyone, but for the people who do want to use a different name, or who secretly toy with the idea in their mind but are unsure if they should do it, I give my encouragement to get creative and come up with a nom de guerre of your very own.
Cosmic Pix by Eve

My nom de guerre did not come to me in a flash of blue, but with some reflective thinking and thesaurus searching, like most of my literary creations. I came up with Eve Penman late one winter night in a basement apartment while transitioning to life in Bozeman, Montana. I do not remember the moment the name came to me since it took some time, but I ended up taking Eve from my grandmother's name, Evelyn, and Penman for my writing tendencies and modern-day scribe abilities.

Eve Penman; I liked it; it sounded nice when said out loud (try it yourself); nothing harsh or jarring to the ears. I probably researched the name online too, to see if it was common in search engines. In fact, knowing myself the way I do, I am fairly certain I did that. Since my legal name is far from uncommon (I was one of those gals born during the Love Story era), I wanted a pen name that was not as common; by drawing from personal experience to create the name and then researching the name, I think that helped to ensure it would not be common, much like my true self in spite of my legal name.

However, I do not hold myself out as Eve Penman in public, nor is it a habit to introduce myself with that name, and I do not sign legal documents with that name. That is not the purpose of my nom de guerre and it never has been; it is my pen name that armors me for battle with the masses, not a tool to defraud people.

Of course, it is a better name for introducing myself as than Gozer Dink, which is how some people have known me online in the past. I used that name for the sake of making fun of everyone who takes Facebookland so seriously by using real names.

I just don't get it...people get upset over fake names, yet they do not mind paying obscene taxes to a phony government that does nothing but take more taxes?

And I am viewed as the one who is off kilter? As if.
For anyone who is wondering if they should create a pen name or how to go about making one, consider yourself now armed with the why and how of the Eve Penman name so that you may apply the knowledge (or not) to your own nom de guerre creations.

Forget about the people who do not understand pen names, and bless their hearts, for those people will always exist yet they will most likely never understand; this post is not for them, obviously. Instead, focus your energy on creating the you that you want to be, and then project that out to the world with a nom de guerre of your own design.

Take it from an embattled warrior like myself, you will get more out of doing your own thing for your own self than you will out of persuading people to take your side who will never be on your side.

The choice is yours; choose wisely.

What would your nom de guerre be if you made one?
 Leave a comment and show me your war name.

Thank you for reading.
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