DIY Valentine: Make Greeting Cards with Instructions, Templates & Images

Feelings, it's the season of expressing feelings. Contrary to what popular programming would have people think, expressing feelings of love does not always require intricate planning, attention from nosy onlookers, and debt-inducing diamonds. Expressing love can be subtle, simple, and spontaneous, and a do-it-yourself greeting card is an excellent medium for such an expression.

I have often enjoyed making my own greeting cards, whether the old-school way with glue, scissors, and crafting papers, or the new-age way with copy, paste and click. I am dabbling more with digital photography these days, so to help people make greeting cards using their computers I researched and compiled 21 links for referential DIY purposes.

Links Include:
(1) Greeting card instructions for making cards in Apple, Google Docs, and various versions of Microsoft;
(2) Blank greeting card templates free to download;
(3) Subject matter information related to Dandelions.

Included after the links are four 'Wild for You' Dandelion photos. I colorfully enhanced a single photo four ways to show the extraordinary in an ordinary Dandelion; next I added the text on each photo 'Wild for You' with a heart dotting the 'i' in Wild. Feel free to download and use with greeting cards or other crafty creations.

Included under each Dandelion photo is a link to the original photo available for purchase as a digital download in my PayLoadz store. Please visit my PayLoadz photo gallery to see more of my digital photography.
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1. Greeting Card Instructions:
Free Instructions * Apple * Google Docs * Microsoft
  1. CreativeBug: Make Greeting Cards with Microsoft Word 2003, 2007+
  2. Dummies: Make Greeting Cards with Microsoft Word 2003
  3. eHow: Make Greeting Cards with Microsoft Word 2013
  4. How To Geek: Make Greeting Cards with Microsoft Word (2010 Article)
  5. Make Use Of: Make Greeting Cards with Apple iPhoto
  6. WikiHow: Make Greeting Cards with Google Docs (Presentation/Slide)
  7. WikiHow: Make Greeting Cards with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

2. Greeting Card Templates:
Free Downloads * Blank Templates
  1. All-Free-Download: Greeting Card Templates
  2. Avery: Greeting Card Templates
  3. Google Docs: Greeting Card Templates
  4. The Paper Mill Store: Greeting Card Templates
  5. Print With My Pic: Greeting Cards Templates
  6. Printed.Com: Greeting Card Templates (Illustrator, InDesign, PDF, Quark)
  7. PrintWorks: Greeting Card Templates

3. Free Greeting Card Images:

Dandelion Wildflower * By Eve Penman
  1. Dandelion
  2. Healing
  3. Medicine
  4. Pacific Northwest
  5. Positivity
  6. Taraxacum officinale
  7. Washington Wildflower
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A sweet sentiment like a card can be given on any day and for any reason (or for no reason at all which is always the best reason), but timing has worked so that this blog post comes during the Season of the Valentine. Do not take it to mean this is the only time to share  one's feelings with a simple expression of love, or that 'love' only means to have sex. Puh-lease.

Love can be expressed whenever the mood moves someone to do it and love can mean many things to many people. Have you ever read the definitions for 'love' in the dictionary? I have and it proves to me there is no reason to be boxed in by what popular media tells people to think 'love' is, or that the only ways to express love are to be modeled after televised programming. Instead, learn some new information, apply a few simple computer skills, and surprise someone special with a card made just for them.

Four Valentines cards made in Google Docs (Presentation/Slide)
Show me your card creations in a comment or find me online!

Thank You for Evolving!

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