Patriarchy vs. Bureaucracy: It's a 'Rat's World

I enjoyed reading Matt Forney's piece last week at the Return of Kings website, entitled: 20 Signs That We're Not Living in a Patriarchy. The reason I enjoyed it is because it is accurate based on my own experiences in life, and since I found the information presented to be accurate I felt obliged to offer forth my empirical evidence. I will not be addressing every point in the article, only the ones that I have experienced firsthand.

Exhibit 1 RE: 'More women than men are in college and earning degrees'
Based on my experiences at Green River Community College, where I graduated with a degree in court reporting in 2006, there were two -- 2 -- men total I encountered in the program as students; all the rest of the students were women of varying ages. Granted, this is a technical degree in a very specific and specialized field, whereas lots of degree statistics I have read focus on standard degrees; nonetheless, my experience matches up with Matt's article. 

Exhibit 2 RE: 'Men and women earn equal pay for equal work'
When I began working as a court reporter in 2005 (I passed licensure before graduating -- FYI, a license matters more than a degree) I started out at the same pay as my father who was a 30-year veteran court reporter. Him and I both received the same hourly pay for taking the record, and the same page rate for producing the transcript. So, there you go. 

However, since my father was the business owner he made money off me and all of his independent contractors, because his office provided us with the work without us having to go out looking for work. So the only way my father made more than me was by being a business owner -- not because he was a male.

Exhibit 3 RE: 'On average, boys perform worse in school than girls'

The high school I attended had this thing called 'Top 10' for the seniors; the Top 10 were the top 10 students with the best grades of the graduating class. So, for my class of 1996, there were 9 girls in the top 10, and 1 guy...and the guy was not the valedictorian, though his speech was the best that night because it was original; he even mentioned me when it came to following your core. Such a nice thing to say that I have never forgotten; thank you, Chad!

All the girls' graduating speeches sounded like they were copied from one another. Maybe that is why girls do better in school, they copy the right answers from each other. In fact, that is who taught me to cheat in school -- girls who were better students who made the Top 10. Now isn't that funny?

Exhibit 4 RE: 'Men are jailed at much higher rates than women'
The only experience I have with this is through my work as a court reporter. When I did work in courthouses during arraignments, I saw more men than women standing arm's reach away from me to enter their pleas.

When it came to other work on the criminal end such as procedural hearings, inquests into deaths while in police custody, and depositions at prisons and institutions, I saw more men than women in those cases as well. I have no reasoning as to why more men than women are charged or incarcerated, but that is what I experienced.

Exhibit 5 RE: 'The media treats women who claim to have been raped with respect, no matter how ridiculous their stories'
While the courtroom is not the media, some lawyers forget that and do not exercise critical thinking, particularly when it comes to state prosecutors. A few administrative hearings I worked on were at the state level in Washington, and the state's witnesses in those cases were females who made claims against male healthcare practitioners that could have (and may have) resulted in the men losing licensure, losing work, losing face, and possibly even going to jail.

What was missing in those cases that stood out to me, as well as to administrative judges and appellate courts, was that there was very little proof beyond circumstantial evidence of her word against his and subjective prejudice that someone 'feels' someone else did something when they had no proof they did anything.

Yet, even without objective proof, the claims those women made were given full weight and those cases still worked their way up to such high levels that the accused parties had to hire lawyers out of pocket and live through the agony of having their lives in other people's hands. My heart went out to those men.

Exhibit 6 RE: 'Women are dominating high profile positions in government and business'
Lawyers and bureaucrats are bad enough on their own, but women can be some of the worst, speaking from my own experience, and there are lots of them out there. I remember noticing at jobs when the women outnumbered the men in deposition rooms, and it was not a rare thing.

The female lawyers and 'rats I have encountered that have left bad impressions on me are the women who take their jobs personally. It is not work to them -- it is their mission, their legacy, and sometimes their vendetta. The things I have heard off the record cannot be unheard and they scare me more than what I took down on the record.

As much as I want to say I am all for women in the workplace, I do not know if some women should be in such high positions of power in the workplace. Granted, I feel the exact same way about men because some of them should not be in such high positions of power either, so there's equality for you.
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In conclusion I want to add that I am not writing this to say that men are better than women or that women are better than men, but only that I have experienced firsthand that America is not run through patriarchy despite the cries that it is. That is not true, period, and if you think it is true, you are welcome to prove it in a comment with a link to your evidence.

a form of social organization in which
the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe.

Considering I just finished watching Coal Miner's Daughter, where Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn are portrayed as the breadwinners and their husbands are tax deductions, I am befuddled that others do not see how much power women now have over men in America. 

When was the last time you saw a father in supreme authority of a family, clan, or tribe, without a wife, mother, or woman having a say in that family, clan, or tribe? Perhaps it exists in individual families, but the whole of America is not run that way.

The fact is America is run on a bureaucracy, plain and simple, proven by how many pieces of paper you need to cross a border or buy alcohol or walk down the street in some states. America is not divided by sexes, it is divided by the 'rats, and it is the 'rats who are dividing the sexes

This is why I walk a fine line in the men vs. women battle by saying men aren't better than women and women aren't better than men. The reason I say it is because it is the bureaucrats who are winning that battle, not the men and women.

Men and women are only losing the battle by fighting with each other instead of joining forces to either (1) fuck or (2) take on the real problem -- 'rats in government who enact and enforce laws that divide families, divide humans, and destroy personal freedoms. by Eve Penman

Where do you think the problem lies:
With men, women, or 'rats?

Patriarchy vs. Bureaucracy
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