Prepare Yourself: It's Good News

Drivers Aren't Perfect Sticker @ Zazzle
Two big surprises today that deserve big thanks.

1. zBesties.org put out their first article featuring reviews of top Zazzle contributors and I was lucky number 5Read the review here along with the other four. The reviews are short and sweet, and include pictures of the featured designers' storefronts with links for visiting.

It amazes me how much original creation goes on in this world, and so much of it unknown and unnoticed. Thanks to zBesties for noticing not only me and my bumper stickers, but all the incredible artists they feature in their Twitter feed!

Fungal Invasions Tote Bag @ Society6
2. This past week I opened another online store at Society6 where my Cosmic Pix are the featured attraction as art prints and on selected products

Last night I worked at adding tote bags to the selection of available products and, majorly big surprise, one of them sold tonight. Thank you to the first buyer at my Society6 store! It hit the V spot -- validation -- and I needed that spot hit.

In fact, after all the posting of my products I have been doing lately, this is exactly what I have been working towards -- a sale!! -- and it feels so nice. I just have to relish it for the moment it is here because I know these moments come and go.

And there it goes.

But more will come. 

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1 comment:

Adrian said...

You contribute a lot and your designs are appealing and creative, so you rightly earned a spot on the list :) Good luck on Zazzle & Society 6 this week.