Cheap Date Ideas from an Immaterial Girl

While driving around today in Lake Havasu, Arizona, I got to thinking about the things I enjoy discovering when I visit new areas; namely, free things.

Actually, they are not technically 'free' since they are paid for by tax dollars taken from hard working citizens, but as a fee is not required to enter the establishments they are commonly viewed as being free and therefore they are often overlooked.

All of these places can be used for dates too, so long as those participating in the dates enjoy being as resourceful, quirky, and curious as me (good luck!). If, however, the date is about being seen by others in trendy places for the sake of taking selfies, this post is most definitely not for you.

1. The Library!
From the Pacific Northwest, to the Rockies, to the South, to the Midwest, and now the Southwest -- I love visiting a library I have never been in before. There is just something about all those resources waiting to be used to make new discoveries. 

Plus, depending on the library building, there could be some super sweet architecture to admire or fascinating history to learn about the building or even how the library system came into being in that region. Not only that, some library systems offer tours of the facilities as well. Am I the only one getting excited by this? Most likely.
2. The Law Library!
If you happen to be a legal hound like me or you just enjoy utilizing all the resources your taxes pay for, do not hesitate to find the local law library in your area. These libraries are also open to the public (suit and tie not required) and they have numerous resources to help people get through legal matters. 

However, these are not facilities to just walk in and act like an entitled asswipe because you are a taxpayer, unless you want to be asked to leave. Just like in a public library, be considerate of others and the resources; call ahead if you are unsure, or walk in respectfully and let the librarian know you have never been in a law library so they can inform you of how that library functions.

Law libraries are often inside, attached to, or near courthouses. So the best way to find a law library is through the court system (link below).

3. Public Courts!
Again, just like with law libraries, do not walk into any courthouse acting like an entitled asswipe, unless you are (1) a lawyer or (2) you want to give security a reason to keep a close eye on you.

Why visit a courthouse? Well, why not?! Just like hospitals (which are free to walk around in too, just don't be an asswipe), courthouses are full of life and death and everything in between; it all oozes out at the seams for people to watch free of charge. When I was taking down the record I never missed watching television due to all the drama, humor, and ridiculousness I witnessed in the legal field everyday; I highly recommend it.

However, not all cases and matters are open to the public, and if you are not familiar with courthouses, again, research protocol online or call first to learn more about proper protocol while in the courthouse. I cannot speak for all courts, but some do offer group tours to the public and students as I have witnessed homeschool kids given tours as part of their curriculum in learning about the judicial system.

Granted, court personnel may not be super cheery on the phone or in person. Please keep in mind these people are human and the work can weigh very heavy on their shoulders by witnessing the problems of the world in front of them every day and being unable to do anything about it except file more paperwork. This is why I encourage people to explore courthouses, to observe and learn from all the life that goes on inside of them, from employees to attorneys. 

Go into a courtroom that is open to the public and watch the arraignments; or sit in a public area outside a courtroom to observe the hustle and bustle of lawyers, clients, reporters and many others. If you have never witnessed what goes on in a courthouse, you owe it to yourself to broaden your understanding. After all, your tax dollars fund the system, so you have every right to be there, to learn how it works, and to observe public matters.

Just think: By attending open court you would not have to wait for the news to tell you what to think about a local case. You could actually form your own opinion based on what you saw in court as it happened. Whodathunkit? Oh yeah, me, that's who!
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