Bullied Over Boys

Personally, I do not care for the trendy 'anti-bully' movement which is all about controlling others. I hold the radical belief that people should control themselves by growing stronger spines and learning to ignore idiots, because that is what I have had to do and what I continue to do every day of my life. What makes everyone else so special that they do not have to do the same? This is the real world; welcome to it!

Just where do you think all my character comes from anyway...shoveling snow? Hardly! It comes from being picked on, teased, laughed at, made fun of, rejected and hated on -- including from family members -- and it has only made me stronger for the wear. Bully, indeed!

So, to showcase my new I (Heart) Boys design at Society6, I wanted to share the 'bullying' back story inspiration of its creation since I still remember the playground incident. It does not bother me to the point of making my blood boil, nothing like that, but it stands out well in my memory as a character-defining moment in my life and a lesson in human nature everyone can learn from. 

It was during the 1980s; I was in third grade at the time and one day I wore a round pin-back button to school that stated 'I (Heart) Boys.' I do not remember where I got the button, but I loved it and wore it with pride. After all, I liked boys, and still do, so I had no problem whatsoever declaring the sentiment. I thought the button itself was cute and to remember it makes me smile. 

However, a handful of female classmates thought this was wrong and decided to pick on me for daring to admit that I liked boys; they laughed, they pointed, they whispered, they shunned. They did not hit, kick, or pull hair (that is called assault, not 'bullying'), but they made me feel bad for expressing myself. Or, perhaps more correctly, I allowed them to make me feel bad for expressing myself. Basically, I was hated for embracing my  heterosexuality...as if!

To this day, over 25 years later, I remember that incident. I also remember feeling ashamed to wear the button after that, only because I did not want to get picked on again by the herd, even though I never stopped liking boys. Well, to those mean girls I politely bite my thumb and say: Bully on you for making me stronger and inspiring me to recreate the message for others to enjoy...so there!

The moral in this story is that humans can be assholes (at all ages) and they are especially assholish to people they are threatened by due to any number of reasons. When I look back on this incident, I surmise that I was picked on due to my boldness for declaring I liked something that others did not like -- or were too scared to admit they liked in the face of peer pressure and groupthink  -- which made me stand out as being different; and that is what gets picked on the most -- differences.

This is something called 'psychology' that I have since read up on and it has helped me a great deal when it comes to understanding the mindset of people who pick, tease, point, laugh, hate, or as it is more popularly called 'bully.' I invite others to click here and learn what I have learned with helpful mind-over-matter reference material from Dr. Izzy Kalman.

Thank You for Daring to (Heart) Boys!

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