RIP Dink: Please Lock Up Your Dogs

This past week I have chosen to refrain from explaining to everyone what happened last Saturday that caused the sudden death of my sweet little Dink, as I do not want to have to repeatedly tell people something that tears me up inside.

I felt it better to focus on my sadness in the moment when it was most acute and fresh, instead of putting my energy into blame, anger, and hatred for what brought about her death.

I plan to share more about the event and my afterthoughts from it as time goes on.

However, under the circumstances at this time, I only want to share with others the information that is currently posted outside the property in an attempt to notify the rural neighborhood dog owners and other neighbors (local authorities have been notified by the property owner as well):
Cat mauled on its property by 2 loose dogs; Clallam County; Sequim, Washington, USA.
Seeking information regarding 2 loose neighborhood dogs that on Saturday, 6/20/15, at approximately 9.a.m., trespassed onto this property nearly 1/10th of a mile and mauled our cat 100 feet from the front door in her play area. 

She had to be put down by the vet due to her injuries.

1. Medium-sized dog; grey/brown/black coloring;
furry tail curved upward similar to a Husky or Keeshond.

2. Smaller dog; dark in color; companion to other dog.

These dogs may have received marks/injuries during the mauling.

These dogs have been spotted loose on this road once before.

If you have any information please contact Jen at OlyPenJen@Gmail.com
Thank you.

RIP Dink ~ 6/29/07 - 6/20/15 ~ Forever Loved and Missed

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

In an effort to raise funds for the anticipated vet bill, I have been making use of the suffering by adding new pro-cat products in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shop.

Check out the new categories: Cats, Dink the Cat, two different 'Have You Loved Your Cat Today?' product lines, and 'With Sympathy'; new products are always being added. Please visit my shop and share with other cat lovers too.

There is also Dink artwork available in my shop at Society6.com/EvePenman along with Gozer artwork too, naturally.
All the creator proceeds I receive from the sales in my stores (a small percentage of the sales price) will go towards paying the vet bill whether the purchased products are cat-related or not. 

If you would like to help with the vet bill without having to purchase anything except our deepest thanks, please visit my Donate and Support page to make a secure, direct donation via PayPal. 

We opted to have Dink cremated, a $200 cost. The thought of returning home with her lifeless body to bury was more than we could handle at the time; we were in shock. We tried to stop the cremation a few days ago but it was too late as she had already been picked up for processing. 

While working through our grief we have talked about making a memorial marker for Dink on the property once her remains are returned to us; most likely a plant outside that we can see all the time as a reminder of her sweet Dinky spirit that surrounds us now. 

I also intend to make something beautiful out of the scene of the event, possibly a bed of catnip, as I do not want this to curse our joy of the property after less than a year of living here. I laid fresh dandelions at the scene today during my morning talk with Dink as it marked the week anniversary of her passing. RIP Dink.
Thank You for your support!

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On Losing a Cat: Coping Without Dink

I lost my little girl this last weekend.

My little sweet pea of a cat, Dink, will be forever loved and missed.
Our unorthodox family unit has lost a deeply loved member.

The pain caused by the holes inside our hearts that she occupied for almost eight years is excruciating at times.

Without our little girl, it feels as though have gone from a furry family of four to two people with a cat.
Gozer lost his little sister and playmate.

He saw Dink one final time, but when he goes outside now he seems to be watching, looking for her; waiting for her to come out of the woods on one of her Dinky trails, or seeing her as she goes Dinking down the driveway, or suddenly appearing from behind a bush as she Dinks around the yard, the way she always would.

It is heartbreaking to watch Gozer as his mannerisms are not as playful as they were a few days ago; I suspect he is dealing with this event in his own Gozer way.
Whether I was weeding in the yard or walking through the daisies, Dink was a constant companion, always following a few feet behind.

Weeding and walking the property has been much harder these past few days without my baby girl nearby.

I turn my head to look for her when I walk, because I see her everywhere, in all the places she would be, but all that remains is her spirit.
The first day was the hardest to get out of bed, knowing that Dink would not be waiting to greet me with her sweet 'mew'.

To make myself feel better I got up, put my outdoor boots on and strolled through the daisies with the intent of making a bouquet for Dink.

I walked the property, in search of flowers and foliage for a bouquet to lay at the scene of the tragic event that caused Dink to be taken from us.

As I walked the grounds, I would talk/cry to Dink aloud, the way I always would when she was around; how I missed her and loved her; how I wanted to see her, to hold her, to love her, just one last time.

Talking aloud to Dink like this offers me a release of emotions that cannot be released on anyone else except her; it is a great comfort to talk with her spirit as I like to think it will forever linger around this land to be with us.

Grieving is natural and to not grieve, I believe, would be a sign of sociopathy; as sad as all this is, I openly embrace my grief as a growing experience that is part of life. 
Each morning when I get up I take a walk around the property, greeting Dink's spirit with words of love; looking behind me to talk to her, knowing her spirit is trailing me just as she would when I walked; and spying signs of life that serve to remind me that it does go on even after a great loss.

At the end of the walk I make my way to her marker and kneel down to talk with her; today seemed easier as I continue to make myself face life's harshness of Dink not being present when I walk; the repetition helps to ease the pain even though it never leaves me.

This morning during my walk, I gathered more daisies from the field along with bloomed lavender for fresh bouquets inside the house; reminders of life and summer indoors is helpful during this sorrowful time.
I made my work station in the front entryway, where Dink would wander through during her morning adventures, sometimes showing up in the backgrounds of my photos.

But no Dink in the photos today or ever again; something I have to adjust to.
The first night of Dink's passing we set a candle in the window along with her picture and have been lighting the candle every night.

Today I added fresh daisies for my little Dink.
We have been told before that we treat our cats better than some people treat their kids; cats are gods and we worship ours accordingly.

In spite of Gozer's searching for Dink when outside, he is eating and drinking, and continues to get lots of love, attention and affection.

That is one thing that helps to get me through, knowing how much love we gave to Dink and that she knew she was loved up until the very end.

I often would pick her up just to hold her close for a moment, telling her I love her so much and that she is the best Dink ever, quickly before she would squirm away letting me know she had had enough love for the moment.

She was my bold little adventurer, always ready to go before I was ready to let her go.
While there is much sadness being dealt with, we know that we have lots of love to give, along with lots of room for more animals.

There will never be another Dink and she could never be replaced, but this Dink-sized hole we are living with must be filled with life again when we are ready.

Until then we will continue to take it one day at a time, honoring and remembering Dink, and learning to live with her spirit surrounding us in a new dimension while she Dinks around in her field, waiting for us to join her at Rainbow Bridge.
Godspeed ~ RIP Dink
6/29/07 - 6/20/15

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Suffering Happens: Make Use Of It

A 69-year-old lady was killed fives miles away yesterday morning as she attempted to walk across Highway 101 near Sequim, Washington.

Many people have been killed elsewhere in the country this week
due to a guy with a gun.

As I write this, someone may be dying somewhere
due to incidence, negligence or malice.

Can incidence, negligence or malice ever be detected
in order to be stopped from happening?

but at what cost, and is the cost worth it?

*  *  *  *  *
Life is not fair.
Do not wait to live.
The future is owed to no one.
Make the most of what matters the most each day.

How do I make use of suffering?
I make something beautiful:

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The Politics of Liking: Why I 'Like' What I Like

When it comes to interacting on social media platforms, my preferred method is to 'like' posts, or favorite, star, pin, heart, thumbs-up, plus, or whatever else the mechanism might be that indicates a favorable response without having to type words. 

'Liking', for me, is practically a reflex; it is not that I 'like' everything I see, but when I see something that I instantly like, I prefer to let it be known by 'liking' the post. However, just because I 'like' a post, that does not mean I wholeheartedly agree or like everything about it; a 'like' only means that I like something about it. 

And, yes, sarcastically speaking, I understand the broad and life-changing implications of daring to 'like' anything on social media, in that it is being tracked by an algorithm or program or something that basically takes all the fun out of 'liking' whatever it is I like because it will alter life as we know it. As if!

When I 'like' a post:
Sometimes I like that a person pushes boundaries;
sometimes I like that a person has the gall to push boundaries;

sometimes I like that a person stands in opposition to a herd;

sometimes I like that a person is happy in a herd;

sometimes I like that a person thinks like me;

sometimes I like that a person does not think like me;

sometimes I like that a person expresses themselves in their own way;
sometimes I like that a person exists and evolves;

even if I do not agree.

After all, isn't that one of the nice things in life, that you can like something for one reason even if you do not agree for another reason? Maybe I missed that day in school when they taught kids they cannot do that. 

Unfortunately, there are times I still let my insecurities of what others may think of what I like stop me from 'liking' something; and since I can feel this way, and I am a human with feelings and emotions, I do not doubt that at least one other person has that insecurity too. That is why I remind myself that what I like is not anyone's concern unless they choose to make it their concern; and that if someone chooses to make what I like their concern, then that is their problem to deal with and not mine. But I digress.

In conclusion I question:
Who doesn't like to get a 'like'? Do you mean to tell me that all the people in this world who post whatever it is they post in their social media accounts, none of them care if they get a 'like' on their post? If not a 'like', what about new readers, followers, shares, and comments; people post on social media with no desire, hope, or intention of receiving those either? I call bullshit. 

Bot accounts aside, I do not accept that the majority of people (and businesses) on social media post with neither intention nor care of getting a response back, whether it be a 'like', a new follower, or other reply. I mean, if people did not care whether they got a response of any kind, then why would they post anything at all?

Not only that, it is called 'social' media, right? If people could not interact with one another by 'liking', following, commenting, and whatnot, then wouldn't it just be called 'media' and isn't that what newspapers and magazines are? In other words, if people (and businesses) do not like being social by interacting with followers, customers, and others on 'social' media, then why are they even on it?

Thank You
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Photography Meditation: Caterpillar in the Morning

Take time to watch the caterpillars:
"The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle."
Lao Tzu

New meditation artwork:
Caterpillar in the Morning @ Society6.com/EvePenman

How do you meditate?
Thank you!
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Summer Gardening: How To Dry Rose Petals

After a couple weeks, I now have a half ounce of dried rose petals harvested from roses grown in my yard!

This is how I harvested and dried my first batches of rose petals:
I found roses that had bloomed...
...and I pruned them.
I put the roses in jars to enjoy the blooms indoors for a few days...
...before depetaling them.

Then I gently plucked the petals and laid them on baking trays,
with a paper napkin underneath and also on top.
I stored the trays in a cool place out of the way
and flipped the petals every other day...
...until the petals were dry enough to finally store in a jar!

I started with small wide-mouth Mason jars to store the petals. As the amount of petals has grown, today I upgraded to this reused pickle jar (that doesn't smell like pickles).

With four stem rose bushes and one vine rose bush on the property, it will be neat to see how much I can harvest this first spring/summer in Sequim {pronounced Skwim}.
Through the wonders of photo editing software, I enhanced the Garden Rose photo at the top of this post two different ways.

The images are now available on mugs at Zazzle.com/ProseAndPix for others to enjoy the beauty of my secret garden in Sequim, Washington.
Sequim, Washington Garden Rose Mug
Sequim, Washington Garden Rose Mug

What's growing in your garden, legal or otherwise?

Thank You for Visiting!
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Caveat Lector: 19 Questions and Counting

In light of many people's reactions to the recent Duggar dilemma regarding Josh Duggar and the hiding of a 2006 police report which contained molestation allegations from 2002/2003 when he was 14, I have grown curious with questions. 

Caveat Lector:

1. Aside from the people directly involved in the matter, what makes this anyone's business? 

2. If the matter was dealt with in 2006, or before then, why is it the public's concern now in 2015?

3. Who brought forth this information almost 10 years after it happened, and why bring it forth now?

4. Who has benefited by this information coming out?

5. If the underage victims and underage perpetrator received treatment and have since moved on with their lives for the better, is that not a good thing?

6. If the victims, perpetrator, and family worked together through a trying time and wanted to keep the matter private, is that not their right?

7. If the victims, perpetrator, and family have addressed the issue, and all parties involved are satisfied with the resolution, why does the public need to know about it?

8. Who did the Duggars hide this 'revelation' from and why are they obligated to reveal this matter to anyone if it did not concern them?

9. Is it still considered 'hiding' when Josh Duggar told his wife when they were dating about his past problems?

10. Who else should Josh Duggar have told about his past problems besides his girlfriend/wife? 

11. How many times, or for how long does a person have to pay for their past indiscretions; 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, forever?

12. How many people did something at the age of 14 they should not have done, whether or not they knew it at the time? 

13. How many people have juvenile records they would be embarrassed by as an adult and have since changed their ways; but because they are a nobody and do not have a hit television show they can pass judgment?

14. Is it considered 'hiding' when people do not reveal everything about themselves to everyone, even if it is not their business?

15. Should people be required to disclose their juvenile/criminal/civil records, or any other personal information, on a t-shirt in order to not 'hide' private matters from people who have no business knowing?

16. Who benefited from the 2.2 million viewers who watched the FOX interview with the Duggars? 

17. How many viewers who watched the FOX interview ever watched the Duggars' show on TLC? 

18. How many people have been waiting for the day dirt gets dug up on a Duggar?

19. Are the people who have been waiting in judgment to see the Duggars brought down any better than the Duggars?

20. Do those who pass judgment on the Duggars have nothing to hide themselves?

21. If people have nothing to hide, how boring are their lives? 
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Thank You for Not Being Boring!

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