Caveat Lector: 19 Questions and Counting

In light of many people's reactions to the recent Duggar dilemma regarding Josh Duggar and the hiding of a 2006 police report which contained molestation allegations from 2002/2003 when he was 14, I have grown curious with questions. 

Caveat Lector:

1. Aside from the people directly involved in the matter, what makes this anyone's business? 

2. If the matter was dealt with in 2006, or before then, why is it the public's concern now in 2015?

3. Who brought forth this information almost 10 years after it happened, and why bring it forth now?

4. Who has benefited by this information coming out?

5. If the underage victims and underage perpetrator received treatment and have since moved on with their lives for the better, is that not a good thing?

6. If the victims, perpetrator, and family worked together through a trying time and wanted to keep the matter private, is that not their right?

7. If the victims, perpetrator, and family have addressed the issue, and all parties involved are satisfied with the resolution, why does the public need to know about it?

8. Who did the Duggars hide this 'revelation' from and why are they obligated to reveal this matter to anyone if it did not concern them?

9. Is it still considered 'hiding' when Josh Duggar told his wife when they were dating about his past problems?

10. Who else should Josh Duggar have told about his past problems besides his girlfriend/wife? 

11. How many times, or for how long does a person have to pay for their past indiscretions; 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, forever?

12. How many people did something at the age of 14 they should not have done, whether or not they knew it at the time? 

13. How many people have juvenile records they would be embarrassed by as an adult and have since changed their ways; but because they are a nobody and do not have a hit television show they can pass judgment?

14. Is it considered 'hiding' when people do not reveal everything about themselves to everyone, even if it is not their business?

15. Should people be required to disclose their juvenile/criminal/civil records, or any other personal information, on a t-shirt in order to not 'hide' private matters from people who have no business knowing?

16. Who benefited from the 2.2 million viewers who watched the FOX interview with the Duggars? 

17. How many viewers who watched the FOX interview ever watched the Duggars' show on TLC? 

18. How many people have been waiting for the day dirt gets dug up on a Duggar?

19. Are the people who have been waiting in judgment to see the Duggars brought down any better than the Duggars?

20. Do those who pass judgment on the Duggars have nothing to hide themselves?

21. If people have nothing to hide, how boring are their lives? 
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