Eye of the Goat: Half Marathon Training Begins

I had a Twin Peaks moment the other day and channeled Cooper's sage advice. I neither planned nor waited for a present; I just let it happen.

The result? Both myself and my sidekick/partner-in-crime (of his own free will and volition) are now registered for our first race on the Olympic Peninsula: the half marathon portion of the Great Olympic Adventure Trail Run, otherwise known as the GOAT Run! I am sure Cooper would approve with a thumbs-up.

So now that the easy part is over with, the work begins. The last race I ran was in October of 2012, which was also with my S/PIC; we took on the 16k portion of the Defiance Ultra Trail Run through Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington. I have only run intermittently since then and my S/PIC even less, so our work is very much cut out for us.

With a little over three months to get our mileage up, I searched out a training schedule to get an idea of where we should be with our distance to make sure we have built up enough and tapered enough for a successful race day. This is the 12-Week Trail Half Marathon Training Plan I found through my search that will be used as a rough guide to keep us on track. 

Even though I have not been running consistently the past couple years, I have been exercising my PMA by recalling all the races I have run, all the ground I have covered, all the sights I have seen, and all the miles that go with it. It is a lot!

Sometimes I can't believe it when I think on all my running adventures since 2006, especially when I once swore I would never be a runner. And that is the moment when I realize that the body that evolved from an anti-runner to a trail-running, half-marathon finisher can totally take on three months of training for a new running challenge through the Olympic Mountains; totally!
It appears I am not the only one preparing for a race. Running fever is in the air, proven by the most popular item in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shopRunner's Log spiral notebooks; another one sold this past week. Thanks to the buyer!

What race are you gearing up for?
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