Summer Gardening: How To Dry Rose Petals

After a couple weeks, I now have a half ounce of dried rose petals harvested from roses grown in my yard!

This is how I harvested and dried my first batches of rose petals:
I found roses that had bloomed...
...and I pruned them.
I put the roses in jars to enjoy the blooms indoors for a few days...
...before depetaling them.

Then I gently plucked the petals and laid them on baking trays,
with a paper napkin underneath and also on top.
I stored the trays in a cool place out of the way
and flipped the petals every other day...
...until the petals were dry enough to finally store in a jar!

I started with small wide-mouth Mason jars to store the petals. As the amount of petals has grown, today I upgraded to this reused pickle jar (that doesn't smell like pickles).

With four stem rose bushes and one vine rose bush on the property, it will be neat to see how much I can harvest this first spring/summer in Sequim {pronounced Skwim}.
Through the wonders of photo editing software, I enhanced the Garden Rose photo at the top of this post two different ways.

The images are now available on mugs at Zazzle.com/ProseAndPix for others to enjoy the beauty of my secret garden in Sequim, Washington.
Sequim, Washington Garden Rose Mug
Sequim, Washington Garden Rose Mug

What's growing in your garden, legal or otherwise?

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