The Politics of Liking: Why I 'Like' What I Like

When it comes to interacting on social media platforms, my preferred method is to 'like' posts, or favorite, star, pin, heart, thumbs-up, plus, or whatever else the mechanism might be that indicates a favorable response without having to type words. 

'Liking', for me, is practically a reflex; it is not that I 'like' everything I see, but when I see something that I instantly like, I prefer to let it be known by 'liking' the post. However, just because I 'like' a post, that does not mean I wholeheartedly agree or like everything about it; a 'like' only means that I like something about it. 

And, yes, sarcastically speaking, I understand the broad and life-changing implications of daring to 'like' anything on social media, in that it is being tracked by an algorithm or program or something that basically takes all the fun out of 'liking' whatever it is I like because it will alter life as we know it. As if!

When I 'like' a post:
Sometimes I like that a person pushes boundaries;
sometimes I like that a person has the gall to push boundaries;

sometimes I like that a person stands in opposition to a herd;

sometimes I like that a person is happy in a herd;

sometimes I like that a person thinks like me;

sometimes I like that a person does not think like me;

sometimes I like that a person expresses themselves in their own way;
sometimes I like that a person exists and evolves;

even if I do not agree.

After all, isn't that one of the nice things in life, that you can like something for one reason even if you do not agree for another reason? Maybe I missed that day in school when they taught kids they cannot do that. 

Unfortunately, there are times I still let my insecurities of what others may think of what I like stop me from 'liking' something; and since I can feel this way, and I am a human with feelings and emotions, I do not doubt that at least one other person has that insecurity too. That is why I remind myself that what I like is not anyone's concern unless they choose to make it their concern; and that if someone chooses to make what I like their concern, then that is their problem to deal with and not mine. But I digress.

In conclusion I question:
Who doesn't like to get a 'like'? Do you mean to tell me that all the people in this world who post whatever it is they post in their social media accounts, none of them care if they get a 'like' on their post? If not a 'like', what about new readers, followers, shares, and comments; people post on social media with no desire, hope, or intention of receiving those either? I call bullshit. 

Bot accounts aside, I do not accept that the majority of people (and businesses) on social media post with neither intention nor care of getting a response back, whether it be a 'like', a new follower, or other reply. I mean, if people did not care whether they got a response of any kind, then why would they post anything at all?

Not only that, it is called 'social' media, right? If people could not interact with one another by 'liking', following, commenting, and whatnot, then wouldn't it just be called 'media' and isn't that what newspapers and magazines are? In other words, if people (and businesses) do not like being social by interacting with followers, customers, and others on 'social' media, then why are they even on it?

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