I Am Confused: Unpopularly Questioning Transgender

Out of cat-like curiosity, I DVR'd the premiere of I Am Jazz on TLC the other night in order to learn the answer to my question: Is this child an anatomical anomaly that was given a special choice of what gender they wanted to be, unlike most kids?

The answer: No, the kid is not an anatomical anomaly; they were born a boy and felt like a girl inside, and the parents allowed them to become a girl with the assistance of modern medicine, sans orchiectomy. In other words, Jazz has a penis. Question answered -- it's a boy!
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However, this has opened the door in my mind to a stream of hypothetical questions which I do not intend to be in bad taste or hurtful, but sincere, honest questions that deserve consideration by those who choose to consider them. 


At what point do parents say 'no' to kids?

At what point do doctors say 'no'? (some said no)

If a doctor agrees to help in such an undertaking, hypothetically due to their personal bias, is that doctor using his best professional medical judgment, or are his personal feelings creating a conflict of interest because they sway his professional judgment; and if so, is that dangerous?

If the frontal lobes, which help process right-and-wrong/cause-and-effect relationships, do not develop until later in the teen years, is a child under the age of 18 (for argument's sake) mentally capable of understanding the long term implications and consequences of choosing to change gender and go against their given anatomical body structure?

How would a straight guy react to a 'girl' when the guy finds out the 'girl' has a penis?  (Vice versa: how would a straight girl react to a 'guy' when the girl finds out the 'guy' has a vagina?)

If a 'girl' is perfect in every way that a straight guy desires, would it matter if the 'girl' had a penis?

How would a straight girl react to a 'girl' with a penis in the girls' bathroom/changing room?

Does the straight girl have a right to be uncomfortable with a 'girl' having a penis in the girls' bathroom/changing room?

How confusing is it for little kids to be told someone is a 'girl' and the 'girl' has a penis?

How confusing is it for people of any age to be told someone is a 'girl' and the 'girl' has a penis? 

If people have the right to be a 'girl' with a penis, do people also have a right to be confused and uncomfortable by a 'girl' with a penis?

If the transgender is a 'girl' with a penis, how come they do not introduce themselves as a 'transgender girl' when meeting new people; in other words, why are they hiding what they are from people -- specifically a transgender -- and leading people to think they are a 'girl' in the conventional, anatomical sense when they are not?

At what point is a transgender deceiving potential mates by not letting it be known what they are? 

At what point would a straight guy feel deceived by not knowing the 'girl' they are trying to pick up is a transgender girl?

While I agree with my statement that if you have nothing to hide you're boring, I do question what is an individual's relative level of acceptable matters to be hidden from potential mates: natural hair/eye color, religion, finances, legal issues, voting preferences, sexual kinks, favorite cocktails, Dungeons and Dragons obsession, genitalia below that is the opposite of what is represented above? 

Does insurance cover hormone replacement and necessary surgeries; and is this what some people think 'healthcare' coverage is meant to be used for? 

If I Am Jazz is supposed to be a replacement for The Duggars, how is it better; specifically, since Josh Duggar is viewed as hiding his juvenile record from the public, how is it better to highlight a person who hides their natural being behind hormones and medicine?

What makes a transgender 'girl' with a penis who likes boys different from a crossdressing homosexual?

Even if a transgender feels female inside and a homosexual does not, for the person meeting the 'girl' with a penis, how does a transgender expect themselves not to come off looking like a lying, crossdressing homosexual? 

If a girl were dressed in a cop uniform and they weren't a cop but they had a penis, would you be confused? 

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