Flea Markets: The Farmers' Market Alternative

Lots of places I have lived over the years have had farmers' markets, but not everywhere has had flea markets, or good flea markets at that.

I am pretty stoked to now be living near the Pumpkin Patch off Kitchen-Dick Road that holds a summer flea market two Saturdays a month here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. 

Our first visit was a couple weeks ago and we could not have left happier: 
  • local farm-fresh eggs from that morning ($3/dz); 
  • a steal of a deal on a used shop vac; 
  • old-school cassette tapes, perfect for the kitchen radio; 
  • and a Spammerific succulent plant arrangement (photo above).
It was a mix of garage sale, estate sale, discount retail, and some farmers' market thrown in with crafts, art, music and food. 

Considering that the nearby Goodwill charges $5 for a used plastic water can (that you can get new for $3 at Walmart), the best places for finding a deal on used goods in this region are in consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets.

As you can see from the local Craigslist ad for the flea market, the cost to the vendors is only $20 a space and it is on a first-come-first-serve basis; there is no association to join, no membership or license required, unlike the farmers' markets I have researched.

We arrived in the early afternoon and there were a good amount of people peddling wares; though I imagine it is busier in the morning, as markets usually are. 

Unfortunately there were people who felt it necessary to bring their dogs even though the ad says dogs are not allowed and signs were posted as well. 

Hey, I get it. I dig anarchy too, but even anarchists have consideration for rules on private property. So, please, be considerate and do not bring a dog.

I am looking forward to going again this Saturday to meet people, hunt for bargains for household projects, and get a cheap thrill from finding an unexpected surprise that can only be found at a flea market.

How do you like to market,
with the fleas, the farmers, or both?
However you market, take a tote.
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