Grow Your Own: Discount Daisies

My discount daisies are taking off in Dink's memorial garden.

This is the second plant I bought this summer; cost, $1.50. 

Just like the first Gerbera daisy plant, this one was also found decapitated on the clearance rack. Oh, the humanity.

And, just like the first one, new colorful blooms have grown very quickly thanks to sunshine and water...and keeping the deer away.

Not only am I tickled pink by nature doing its thing in creating new daisies, plus the great deal I got on the plants, but now I get to utilize the flowers as subjects for my photographs, which often turn into designs for my stores. 

Totally awesome, indeed.
Here is a recent poster creation featuring a black and white photo of a Gerbera daisy (before it was eaten by deer!) with a mindful affirmation underneath in yellow cursive font: Make the Most of What Matters the Most. 

Get your poster here and visit my new blog to see what else I have been creating.

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