This Is The Day to See Life's Beauty

The daisies in Dink's memorial garden are blooming beautifully.
Even though she has evolved to another sphere, reminders of Dink are everywhere, especially outside in nature where she was as happy as could be.

It is still hard to not see her Dinking around the way she would, but I know her spirit surrounds and blesses us with her feline godliness, as is proven (I like to think) by the beauty of her daisies.

It is not always easy to make something beautiful from something ugly, or to see the beauty of life when working to get past its ugliness, but it is what must be done. 

Just as the light cannot be seen without darkness, life's beauty cannot be seen without its ugliness.

That is the reminder I see in Dink's daisies and why I like to use flowers from her garden to design goods for my Zazzle shop.

This is the day to see life's beauty (and buy a magnet featuring Dink's daisies!).
'This Is The Day' Magnetic Inspiration from Eve
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