Unfair Choices: Why Women Can't Have Both a Family and a Career

What would modern American culture be without vociferous feminists crying for equality with men

It would be peaceful, that's what.

Recently, I saw a photo on Twitter of a girl holding a sign that read: Why should I have to choose between a career and a family?

Unsurprisingly similar to other feminist slogans that make the rounds to promote the myth that only females are forced to make tough or unfair choices in life, which, apparently, should not have to happen because it is not equal with males.

Are these chicks for real?

That's right. Because males don't have tough or unfair choices, such as choosing (if it's not automatically done for them) between registering with the Selective Service System and possibly getting arrested, or imprisoned, or fined, or shamed as being a bad person for not doing what is believed by many to be a patriotic duty as an American male.

That's right. Only women are faced with unfair choices, like the example of having to choose between a career or a family; because a career and a family must happen simultaneously.

And because a female belongs to either her work or her family; never herself. 

Did You Know?
It is impossible to have a career and dedicate one's waking moments to the corporate-ladder lifestyle, including a life filled with inept micromanaging bosses, rude clients, unending paperwork, and the almighty self-validating paycheck, before settling down to have a family.

Impossible, indeed!

Likewise, it is impossible to first have a family and later have a career when kids are older; because, by that time, there will be no work for anyone to do and everyone will be out of a job. There will be no new fields, no new careers, nothing to pursue, and females will have lost out all because they went and had a family first.

Oh, the horrors!  

Plus, a female can never make a family into a career by applying the knowledge gained as a mother and writing books, creating new products, or offering helpful services to parents. Creating a company and a self-styled career based on what a female learns from being a mother cannot be done, period. 

Who would dare to consider such ridiculousness? As if!

In Conclusion:
If a person holds themselves out as a feminist and is not in favor of females being forced to register with the Selective Service System equally as males must do, is that person still a feminist?

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