Questioning the Truth: Why Wake Up When I Can Enjoy the Dream?

Q: What happens when you wake up?

A. You become aware of a monster so enormous, so unwieldy, and so unyielding, that it forces you to accept that nothing can be done about it and you were probably better off having never woken up. 

Because, if something could be done about the monster, wouldn't it have been done by now? 

Therefore, since nothing has been done about the monster to this point, I seriously doubt anything will ever be done about it. 

It's not as if there is any reason for anything to be done about the monster anyway, since people willingly pay to keep the monster fed and they take no stand against the monster sans voting ballot. 

So, if nothing can be done about the monster, except to learn to live with it and the knowledge that you live under an oppressive regime of elite rulers who have more care for world domination than for you as an individual, then why bother learning about it at all?

If I am unable to resolve the problem, then why do I need to know about the problem? 

I mean, why make people aware of problems they can't resolve? What is that supposed to solve? More importantly, what does that create? Anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, and resentment, not to mention sleeplessness, for starters. 

All the more reason to not wake up, but to stay asleep and enjoy the dream. 

Sure, there are the taxes, and the paperwork, and the mandates, and the regulations, and always more of it because that is what keeps the monster alive; but for all that comes the payoff with peace of mind for not knowing the truth. And, since nothing can be done about the truth, isn't it better to not know the truth?  

by Eve Penman

PS ~ Is this satire? Is this reverse psychology? Is this doublespeak? Is this apathy? Is this truth? Is this crazy? Depends on the reader.

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Kitten Surprise: It Came From the Wild

This past Caturday evening, I spent about 20 minutes mewing to a little kitten, trying to coax it out of hiding. She had nestled herself between a shed and a patch of vegetation behind the shed; I had gotten worried she was stuck, but thankfully she wasn't. 

After exercising patience and various vocal ranges of mews, the surprise visitor emerged from the wild bramble; just call me the Cat Whisperer. I hope she wasn't bummed that all she found were a couple of humans and a Gozer. 

She is not unfamiliar with humans, but cautious; nor is she exhibiting signs of being totally feral or scared beyond reason, which is good. We've set out cat food and water, and she has taken to it (and us) well; she's a hungry little girl and a joy to watch. 

Tonight I was able to get some decent shots from a distance when I called her out again. Allow me to introduce the wild lioness, Nova:

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Questioning Feminism: One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism

Upon learning the origin of the word 'feminism' I have begun to question what I did not know.

1. The word 'feminism' was created by a man, Charles Fourier, which begs the question: Is feminism a troll on women?

2. Charles Fourier (1772-1837) was a French philosopher who became associated with Utopian socialism. I can't help but wonder: With all the feminism in America, where is the Utopia...or is this it?

3. Since socialism is a less extreme version of communism and feminism came from a socialist thinker, feminism is essentially communism; supported by the fact that in 1848, eleven years after Charles Fourier's passing, Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto the eighth principle: Equal liability of all to work. My point being: Is it just a random coincidence that feminists crying for the so-called 'right' to work falls directly in line with the Communist agenda which advocates everyone be obligated (liable) to work?

4. The obligation of all to work is essential to accomplishing the second principle in the Communist Manifesto: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The reason being: How else could a heavy progressive income tax be most lucrative to the tax collectors other than to have everyone contribute by being taxed for their obligation to work, including women?

5. Considering that the tenth principle of the Communist Manifesto is free education for all children in public schools, and the eighth principle is the obligation of all to work, plus the fact that 76% of public school teachers were female in the year 2011-2012 according to the National Center for Education Statistics: Is it reasonable to hypothesize that feminism is a necessary tool of communism, proven by how many women work as teachers in public schools where young girls are often inspired to be feminists and teachers, thus keeping the communist cycle in motion?

6. Since the word 'feminism' was created by a man and feminism is about women's liberation from men, I chuckle at the thought: Can a man's word truly liberate women from men; and why does it take a man to liberate women; can women not liberate themselves for themselves?

7. Because it is a man's word that is liberating women, I further question: Does man also create the limits on how liberated woman can be; in other words, can woman ever be more liberated than man envisions since man created the concept? 

8. Furthermore, feminism is about empowering women, and yet the word 'feminism' originated from a man; therefore, I question with confusion: How is a man's word supposed to be a word of empowerment for a woman who believes she does not need a man? 

9. However, since the radical concept of feminism came from a man, here is my radical counter concept to consider: What if feminism is supposed to be for men who support women's rights, and feminists are supposed to be men who support women's rights; and women are supposed to create their own movement using their own word?

10. Maybe the word origin of 'feminism' means nothing to people though, except word nerds like me, which leads me to wonder: Would any feminists, non-feminists, women, or men, change their views on feminism if they learned the concept originated from a man?

(Got answers, questions, or thoughts? Share them in my comment box!)

1. Since feminism came from a man, do feminists need feminism? do women need feminism? does anybody need feminism...especially if it leads to communism? 
Feminism is for Communists
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2. If women don't need feminism, what do they need? 

A kiss, for starters. 
I Don't Need Feminism, I Need a Kiss
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Questioning Feminism:
One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism
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Arrested Economic Development: Can Sequim Survive Washington Government?

Isn't it amazing what new information you can discover for yourself when you research something and read? 

For instance, during tonight's research I discovered that the Clallam County Economic Development Council, a private non-profit organization advocating for commerce in Clallam County, has a working draft Strategic Direction 2014-2018 Report in which they make a bold statement. 

How bold a statement is it? It is so bold, upon reading it all I could hear in my head was John Travolta telling me that it is a bold statement. Now, that's a bold statement.
On Page 5 of the EDC's report at the bottom begins the section entitled Challenges and Constraints (or in other words -- Opportunities).  The fifth bullet point down, which is at the top of Page 6, states as follows: 
The tax and regulatory environment, both state and federal, make it increasingly difficult to sustain historic County natural resource-based industries, and create significant obstacles to expansion, and even survival, of business in general.

See, I told you it's a bold statement. 

When the local economic development council is saying that taxes and regulations from both state and federal agencies are creating difficulties for businesses to not only grow and expand, but to survive in general in Clallam County, it is finally time to get out of denial and recognize the obscene fact that businesses in Washington State are being run out of business by their own leaders in government.

And after that, then maybe, just maybe, people will start to recognize that government is not here to help the people. On the contrary, government is here to help themselves to the money that the people earn on their time...time which people will never ever ever get back, ever.
Pardon me for not painting a rosier picture of the reality I see around me and that has now been confirmed through the local EDC. 

The EDC's report isn't about the world at large, or America, or another state, or some other area of Washington State. The report is a reflection of the county where I live, my home base of operations; and even though I do not want to be here forever, I am here now and want to see this place grow in business, commerce, and thriving lives.

When I look around the Sequim area, I see so much potential for growth with the empty strip malls, store fronts, and business space; it truly confuses and saddens me why there isn't more growth going on for all the needs that are not being met in this area. 

But, is it really all because of Washington State's and DC's overwhelming taxation and regulations? That is what I have suspected all along since returning to this state in 2012, and after reading this report I don't know what else it could be; do you? Granted, more research may give me new answers, so the possibility of hope is there that something else is causing the arrested economic development of the Sequim area, even though the realist in me suspects there is no hope where government is involved. 

In a digressive conclusion, I ponder: 
1. Is Clallam County and the Sequim area forever doomed to dwindle away under business-crushing taxation and regulations from government bureau'rats...with nobody saying anything or taking a stand against it? 

2. And if the majority of people here don't care and don't take a stand against government, should the minority of people go along with it...to just give up and willingly die in government's crushing grip? 

Pardon my dissent, but I'm not gonna do that.
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It's Gozer's Birthday: What to Know About Living with a 12-year-old Cat

O Gozer! my Gozer! 

To commemorate Gozer's 12th birthday today, and for being the oldest cat I've ever had, I compiled a list of 12 observances about living with a 12-year-old cat, particularly a Gozerian.

1. Cats get more awesome with age. Gozer hasn't lost one ounce of his felinality that has always made him him. In fact, his felinality has only grown stronger with age, making him the most awesome Gozer in the house.

2. Cats get louder with age. I'm not sure if it's only a Gozer thing, but he has a tendency to use his outdoor voice indoors, repeatedly and unnecessarily, at 3:00 in the morning, next to our heads.

3. Cats get more demanding with age. Again, maybe it's only a Gozer thing, but with his increasing volume he has added a strong tone of demand to his meows when his incessant meowing goes unnoticed. Cats these days.

4. Cats are always kittens at heart. At the age 12, which is 4 years older than what a senior cat is considered to be (8 years old by my reading anyway), Gozer still has kitten-like enjoyment and curiosity when he roams around the yard, plays with his toys, or sniffs out a box that soon becomes his new temporary shelter.
5. Cats are bed hogs. The older a cat gets, the bigger it gets. And when a cat lays perpendicular to everyone else in the bed, that cat takes 'bed hog' to a whole new level that I call 'catspreading.' It's a good thing Gozer's so cute when he's hogs the bed.

6. Cats are alarms, not alarm clocks. Cats do not necessarily care about the time its humans need to get up; therefore, they are not alarm clocks. On the contrary, what a cat does care about is alarming its humans with loud meows at any time it chooses, day or night, to make sure the humans know that the cat is awake and ready to have its demands met.

7. Cats have a limited vocabulary. While I have tried repeatedly over the years to teach Gozer words beyond 'meow' that could help him convey his messages better so his humans will understand him, he has not taken to my suggestions, not at all. Chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help.

8. Cats can say one word in many ways. Even though 'meow' is the beginning and end of Gozer's vocabulary, he has not let that limitation hold him back from mastering a range of tonal inflections that reflect his many wants and moods; from 'Feed me NOW,' to 'I didn't mean it,' to 'Fuck that, I'm a cat,' he has learned to communicate it all with one word. It's as if he's a god or something.
9. Cats are gods and they know it. All that cats want is for humans to recognize their godly status. Is that so much to ask? Okay; so, maybe cats are gods who can't open doors to let themselves out, or open their own cat food, or clean their own litter box. However, since cats can get humans to do the dirty work for them, that only proves their godliness. Touché, Gozer.

10. Cats nap, period. What's good for the Gozer is good for the Gozer worshipers, and that includes two 10-hour naps a day. 

11. Cats steal hearts and seats. It doesn't matter if you call 'dibs,' a cat will take your seat without apology the second you stand up, and they get better with age. Now that he is 12, Gozer has become such an expert seat thief that he will steal my seat before I even sit down. What a cat.

12. Cats make every day Caturday. When Gozer chose us as his humans all those years ago, I never imagined he would be with us 12 years later, nor all the joy that he would add to every day life with his felinality that only a Gozerian such as he can possess. 

Happy Birthday, Gozer!

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