Grab Your Pussy, Trump's Coming

Grab Your Pussy, Trump's Coming: One of my newest designs inspired by (1) the uproar over what Donald Trump said years ago and (2) his upcoming presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017. 

Admittedly, I haven't listened to nor read precisely what Trump said because it doesn't concern me, however I've gotten the impression it has something to do with a cat. Is that correct? 

Why people get so upset over a little pussy is beyond me. 

You can find 'Grab Your Pussy Trump's Coming' in my Redbubble and Teepublic shops on shirts, coffee mugs, posters, art prints, greeting cards, post cards, notebooks, and much more! 

Celebrate the historic Trump inauguration with your favorite pussy and share the love!

Thanks! ~ Eve Penman @ Redbubble & Teepublic

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Did You Get Trumped? How to Move On & Live with a President You Don’t Want

Three words: Best. Election. Ever.

What a phenomenal electoral upset, which hasn’t upset me as much as it has others. While I am not government’s Number 1 fan, I am a fan of chaos and shaking up the corrupt and complacent establishment, which is exactly what happened this year.

However, not everyone is happy about it, understandably. I can recall my own unhappiness with the presidential election results eight years ago, along with my disgust for Washington state government in general and the slanderous railroading of Ron Paul (and his supporters) by the GOP establishment.

Having set my non-voting principles aside this year for the good of taking a sanctioned stab at upsetting the establishment and to wind up on the winning side feels nothing but Trumpendous, assuming my vote got counted. 

Granted, time will tell what becomes of a Trump presidency, but I am prepared for what comes next in America and I look forward to scrutinizing his performance based on his campaign promises during his time in office, and resisting any of his mandates should I feel so compelled. But I digress.

With thousands, and possibly millions, of people taking the loss harder than I could have imagined (because I didn’t cry when Obama won), the mindful side of me feels a duty as a writer and experienced loser to reach across the aisle with an empathetic hand, to those Berned by Hillary for the nomination, to those Trumped by the presidential upset, and to anyone who is unhappy with any electoral outcome; and that is what I have done with my newest ebook: Did You Get Trumped? How to Move On & Live with a President You Don’t Want.

I offer five tips in Did You Get Trumped? with honest sincerity sans jeering jubilation, in the hopes that people will use the information to move on with their lives and better themselves for themselves no matter who is president.

My speculation is that if Hillary would have set an example by rallying her loyal troops and addressing her supporters on election night, even if the ship was sinking, people may not be as upset as they are now and some of it could be subconscious. I would feel extremely let down if my candidate didn’t make an appearance as a show of strength during the darkest hour; it would sting deep. 

Realizing that only makes me want to reach out to help others, with insight based on my experiences from being on the losing side in 2008 and losing hard against not only Obama but the GOP establishment, the media, and popular opinion.

The people in this nation do need to heal, not necessarily as a nation but as individuals in their own way, so I am doing my part to help in my own way. I offer my ebook, Did You Get Trumped? ($2.99 Amazon), to the people to help them move on, heal, be mindful, find bliss, live life, and have faith because this won’t last forever.

Magna vis est in mundum ~ Eve 

Do you know someone who can’t move on from the Election of 2016? You can help them by sharing my latest ebook, Did You Get Trumped?, with them. Thanks! Email feedback here.

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Why I'm Taking a Break from Blogging

For all the thoughts that come into my mind that I want to write about, my blog isn't always the right place to express them. Plus, I don't always want to spend the time it takes to write out my thoughts when I have more worthwhile things to be doing, such as taking care of the house, the man, and the cats, not to mention sleeping, running, relaxing, eating, watching movies, reading, and, of course, working for a living.

I started this blog in 2009 when my life was very different. Now after a year of steady work, and getting more settled into life (relatively speaking) after two years on the Olympic Peninsula, I recognize that changes need to be made. So, I am choosing less blogging (having already ditched Farcebook) so that I can redirect my efforts elsewhere.

While this post is an announcement for readers, more importantly it is my way of gaining closure by freeing myself from a self-imposed obligation, so that I can begin to work towards what comes next in life, whatever that may be.

With limited time online I plan to use it to work on my multiple micro-entrepreneurial endeavors at Amazon, Redbubble, Society6, and Zazzle. By branching out from blogging I will be able to shift my writing focus to ebooks at Amazon without thinking that I still have to blog. Granted, I know I will blog again someday, but until then I am not going to give myself anxiety over it. Please sign up for email notifications in the sidebar to get notified when I blog next.

Thanks to my three gift shops at Redbubble, Society6, and Zazzle, I am also able to supplement my need for expressive writing by creating hundreds of products featuring my original photography, witty thoughts, and graphic designs, which I will continue to promote through my social media outlets. Please visit my gift shops in the sidebar to see what I am designing and creating.

Thank you to all buyers and promoters;
I appreciate your support!

Please find me on the social media accounts below that I currently use to promote my opinions, books, photos, and product creations. I will not be posting the same things on every account, so feel free to enjoy me where you please. 

Here is where to find me and what you will find me posting:
G+ shop promotions 
Instagram smartphone photos and no promotions
Pinterest shop promotions, memes, images, and info
Twitter opinions, photos, and shop promotions

So, with all that said, and more written than I had intended, it is time for bed. Please contact me with your comments, feedback, questions, and product requests, using the contact form in the sidebar. 

T H A N K   Y O U,   R E A D E R S

Death is but a door,
time is but a window.
I'll be back.
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Why People Should Be Censored on Social Media

That's right, people should be censored, and I will tell you why in one word: Ownership.

Who has ownership of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and any other social media platform that elects to adopt decency policies; however ridiculous and absurd they may be to anyone intelligent enough not to throw a tantrum about every opinion they disagree with? 

Do any of the masses of morons crying like the babies they are own any of the popular social media platforms? 

If not, then they deserve to be nothing but censored because it is not their property. That is how property works and that is how it should work: The person (or entity) that owns the property calls the shots about how it gets used and who else gets to use it. Welcome to the wonderful world of owning property.

Don't like it? Do you want the freedom to say whatever you want on social media? Then go start your own damn platform and see how much freedom the government gives you then. Please, go do it right now, and recognize that time arguing with me will only take away from platform-building time.

That's the thing most morons do not understand; and I say 'moron' with much love for those who can't think for themselves, so it is not a hate thing. 

The problem is not the platform, in my unpopular opinion. The problem is that which controls the platform, and it most likely is not the owners as much as it is government agencies telling the owners how to do business and pressuring them to do things they would rather not do; especially if those businesses want to stay in business in America and be successful, as well as in good graces with American government.

Just a wild, speculative hunch based on the years I spent as a court reporter listening to government agents control businesses and their owners; not to mention the 20+ years I have been working in government-controlled private businesses and experiencing the overreaching control firsthand.

Granted, the owners could have chosen ridiculous decency policies on their own accord without pressure; and if they did, then that is all the more reason to not bother with such a platform. But I digress.

Do you not own a business? Have you never worked in the administrative and management levels of a business? Do you not know how much government controls every single business that it can possibly get its tenacious tentacles wrapped around, which is every licensed business in America? Fuck, do you even have a job or understand anything about how business works?

Well, then, this is a good moment to recognize that that is what all of these social media platforms are -- licensed, registered, regulated, marketable, profitable, money-making businesses which government ultimately controls and manipulates. 

So, censorship is going to happen. So do periods; put in a tampon and fucking deal with it like a woman.

How do you deal with it like a woman? The same way women deal with unwanted menstruation: You get uncomfortable, you go with the flow, and you work around that which you cannot control with creativity.

Does nobody think in code any more except stenographers? Is it only creative writers and fiction writers who know how to get hidden messages across to people with analogies and metaphors and made-up worlds? That very well may be the case.

This leaves me wondering which is worse: censorship, or crybabies crying censorship who are not creative, and possibly not writers. Because when someone censors them on their preferred platform they can't seem to do much except flail for attention like a dying fish, which is exactly what they should do -- flail and die.

If someone's message can't survive beyond a social media platform, then they have no message. All they have is a following they do not want to lose.

Pathetic, totally.

Granted, I am included in this as well, since I utilize social media and everything I do online is through someone else's property, mostly Google's. Therefore, I absolutely run the risk of being censored, especially if a lovable unthinking moron ever reads the things I write and should feel triggered; or even a cruel thinking asshole who gets off on getting people censored just because he can (no one in particular, just recognizing that they do exist is all).

And if I get censored, so the fuck what? I will find a workaround like I always do. That is one of the benefits of being old enough to remember how the world worked before the internet came into it. 

Should Amazon ever ban what I put in my books, even then I will say: So the fuck what? I don't own Amazon, that is their right, and I would find a workaround, because I have a will. 

Some people just have weakness though, and when their way is blocked by an obstacle all they do is whine, as if they are some entitled old person the world revolves around when they aren't even sixty yet. Fucking gag me with Ensure.

Nobody is entitled to another's property, even if that property happens to be social media platforms. And if people think they are entitled to another's property, then they rightfully deserve to be censored. 

That's the point of being creative -- nothing can stop you unless you let it. But if people are not creative enough to work around censors, nor dedicated enough to create a workaround, they should be censored and figuratively culled from the herd. by Eve Penman

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Damn It Feels Good to Be a Writer: Thoughts on Writing, the Power of Writing, and Why Writing Matters

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Give a girl books and you feed her mind.

Teach a girl to write books and you feed the minds of mankind.

When I wrote the Kindle ebook How To Alphabetize: Organizational Tools for Office & Home, it was sort of as a joke. It is not that being unable to alphabetize is a joke; I obviously take the matter serious enough to have written a book on the topic. 

The joke to me was my speculative forecasting that this instructional ebook would sell more than my dissenting argument ebooks; and the joke is totally on me because How To Alphabetize is currently my most downloaded Kindle ebook on Amazon with another copy sold today. The market is speaking and I am listening.

Okay, so it's only five copies so far, but that is five more copies than if I hadn't written and self-published it at all. Big thanks to each buyer, and happy alphabetizing!

Not too bad of a start for an idea that occurred to me while cleaning a bathroom at work one day, when my mind reflected on a conversation I had with my Boss Man wherein I learned that not everyone who applies to jobs these days knows how to alphabetize. It's a good thing he told me otherwise the book (and this blog post) would most likely not exist; whoa.

People not knowing how to alphabetize; how is that even possible? That is often the reactionary thought that first comes to mind. But, you know what? It does not matter how; it just is and that is the fact of it, period. 

The more important question to be asking is: What can be done about the problem besides playing the blame game? I would much rather do something to solve the problem than analyze it without anything tangible getting done to make it better. For Gozer's sake, isn't that what fighting mediocrity is all about?

And that was when, in the middle of making a bathroom look fucking awesome, the epiphany hit: Write a simple tutorial ebook that teaches people of all ages how to alphabetize. Empirical evidence that cleaning bathrooms is far from mundane work when you have a writer's mind, but I digress.

After all, what better way to combat ignorance than to write a book that helps people learn not just something but how to do something. That is the power of words, that is the power of writing; and I ignite at the thought of wielding that power for good and not evil, with my mind and through my fingertips.

Don't get me wrong; it is totally nice when my dissenting arguments are downloaded, but I recognize the difference between enlightening readers with philosophizing opinions versus providing instruction and teaching application of a skill necessary to succeed in the world of business. 
Using my skills to help others learn a skill and improve themselves as individuals is far more satisfying than just having opinions with nothing improving.

The fact that I can write different styles makes me pleased with my abilities, since there are times I doubt myself. When I am at work and making shit look awesome as a housekeeper, I don't feel like a writer nor necessarily think of myself as a writer, even if I have writing ideas; I don't know if I even feel like a writer when I am writing;
 but every time a book sells it reminds me that, despite what I get paid to do for work, I am a writer.

It also tells me that I am fortunate to have multiple skill sets, along with the ability to learn new skills; so that not only can I write, but I can also make shit look fucking awesome. I can also laugh at myself for it all, which I do quite often.

As ecstatic as the writing makes me feel, though, what makes me feel even better is knowing that people are learning practical, helpful information which they can use to get ahead in work, school, or elsewhere in life. People are learning, of their own free will and volition, too; and that is total awesomeness!

The beauty of people willingly learning can overwhelm my emotions at times to the point of becoming verklempt. When I read the first Amazon review of How To Alphabetize last night, with 5 stars and a brief description stating how the book helped the reader, I totally cried. Maybe after it happens a million times I will tire of it, though I hope that never happens.

Granted, I may not have given birth to a baby, and a woman is nothing if she isn't a mother (or so society likes to remind me), but damn it if I didn't create matter by giving words life, form, and function. Take that, society and wasted eggs; I can still impact life for the better without making human life, so there. 

To know that the book is helping people who need it is nothing short of awesome; it naturally makes me feel good as a writer, to know that I met my writing goal with the book. Yet no matter how good the writing makes me feel, it always pales in comparison to the deep tissue-tingling thrill of knowing a difference was made in people's lives for the better due to the power of the written word. Now that is what I am talking about. by Eve Penman

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The Facebook Farce and Why I Deactivated

Respect yourself enough to walk away with your balloons.
I have left Farcebook yet again and I do not want to return to it.

At least, that is, part of me doesn't want to return to it; the strong, logical, rational, reasonable, sensible part of me. 

The sentimental and weaker part, however, is telling me to stay attached to the past and cling to the farce like a security blanket sewn of precious memories that dare never be cast aside; and I loathe that part in me when what I want is to be strong.  

Things must eventually be left in the past when they no longer make a person better, and Farcebook is not making me better or even happy. 

I am not getting what I need out of it and have not for a long time; it has become a chore that drains me, it gives me little to no return for my efforts, and it reminds me of a past that I do not always want to be reminded of. I do not even want to use it to promote my entrepreneurial endeavors, and that's saying something.

So, for all of that, why should I keep it in my life? For the sake of the people who are categorized as friends on it? That is not a valid reason; that is a thoughtless reaction and one that Farcebook pushes heavily when deactivating. Because what sort of 'friend' would want me to keep something in my life (even if it includes a conduit to them) if it makes me miserable? That is not a friend; that is a fiend and I do not want those in my life.

I am not saying that is how all people are on Farcebook; not at all. What I am saying is that a true friend (or rational person) will not take my deactivation personally and understands that leaving the farce behind is good for me.

But, should friends feel the need to follow (or fiends feel the need to lurk), people are more than welcome to subscribe to my blog(s) and follow me on Pinterest, G+, and eventually Twitter (I deactivated that too, though I will reactivate soon). 

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My 10 Choices for Anyone but Trump

Anyone But Trump? This sounds like a fun game. So, here are my choices for anyone but Trump, in no particular order:
1. O.J. Simpson          2. George Bush
3. Dick Cheney          4. Charles Manson
5. David Duke          6. Mel Gibson
7. Ann Coulter          8. Pat Buchanan
9. Sarah Palin         10. Alex Jones

Granted, not all of these people would be eligible to run for president, making the list slightly preposterous; however, the preposterous rhetoric 'Anyone But Trump' begs for a preposterous retort. 

The same applies for the equally preposterous rhetoric 'Anyone But Hillary.'

Is this really what fuels a person's choice for president, who they are not rather than who they are?

If the reason to vote for a person is because they are not the other person, is that logic or is that a reaction?

Reactions do not require thought, but logic does.

So, if people vote for a candidate out of thoughtless reaction, what kind of a vote is that?

If people say that not voting is throwing away a vote, then how is voting for someone without applying thought any better?

In general, voters advocate that they have to vote, that they must vote, because that is their right; and they will vote for anyone no matter how bad the candidate is, because that is their right...to vote for bad candidates...just so long as they are not as bad as the other candidates.

Perhaps that is the problem with the current state of affairs: Everybody's voting and nobody's thinking. 

But all the votes are not getting counted anyway, so what does it matter? 

I mean, can anyone even prove their votes from their own ballots have ever been counted, ever, in their entire lives? Or at least since the year 2000.

Admittedly, I may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to every person that all the votes aren't getting counted; however, does that matter if no one can offer proof that all the votes have been counted?

I mean, if there is no hard, physical proof via documentation that all the votes are being counted, either accurately or at all, wouldn't that only support the argument that the votes are not being counted? 

Now there's a thought to consider.

Happy voting for 1 of 2 choices!

by Eve Penman

Learn more about ballot tampering

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Questioning the Truth: Why Wake Up When I Can Enjoy the Dream?

Q: What happens when you wake up?

A. You become aware of a monster so enormous, so unwieldy, and so unyielding, that it forces you to accept that nothing can be done about it and you were probably better off having never woken up. 

Because, if something could be done about the monster, wouldn't it have been done by now? 

Therefore, since nothing has been done about the monster to this point, I seriously doubt anything will ever be done about it. 

It's not as if there is any reason for anything to be done about the monster anyway, since people willingly pay to keep the monster fed and they take no stand against the monster sans voting ballot. 

So, if nothing can be done about the monster, except to learn to live with it and the knowledge that you live under an oppressive regime of elite rulers who have more care for world domination than for you as an individual, then why bother learning about it at all?

If I am unable to resolve the problem, then why do I need to know about the problem? 

I mean, why make people aware of problems they can't resolve? What is that supposed to solve? More importantly, what does that create? Anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, and resentment, not to mention sleeplessness, for starters. 

All the more reason to not wake up, but to stay asleep and enjoy the dream. 

Sure, there are the taxes, and the paperwork, and the mandates, and the regulations, and always more of it because that is what keeps the monster alive; but for all that comes the payoff with peace of mind for not knowing the truth. And, since nothing can be done about the truth, isn't it better to not know the truth?  

by Eve Penman

PS ~ Is this satire? Is this reverse psychology? Is this doublespeak? Is this apathy? Is this truth? Is this crazy? Depends on the reader.

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Kitten Surprise: It Came From the Wild

This past Caturday evening, I spent about 20 minutes mewing to a little kitten, trying to coax it out of hiding. She had nestled herself between a shed and a patch of vegetation behind the shed; I had gotten worried she was stuck, but thankfully she wasn't. 

After exercising patience and various vocal ranges of mews, the surprise visitor emerged from the wild bramble; just call me the Cat Whisperer. I hope she wasn't bummed that all she found were a couple of humans and a Gozer. 

She is not unfamiliar with humans, but cautious; nor is she exhibiting signs of being totally feral or scared beyond reason, which is good. We've set out cat food and water, and she has taken to it (and us) well; she's a hungry little girl and a joy to watch. 

Tonight I was able to get some decent shots from a distance when I called her out again. Allow me to introduce the wild lioness, Nova:

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Questioning Feminism: One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism

Upon learning the origin of the word 'feminism' I have begun to question what I did not know.

1. The word 'feminism' was created by a man, Charles Fourier, which begs the question: Is feminism a troll on women?

2. Charles Fourier (1772-1837) was a French philosopher who became associated with Utopian socialism. I can't help but wonder: With all the feminism in America, where is the Utopia...or is this it?

3. Since socialism is a less extreme version of communism and feminism came from a socialist thinker, feminism is essentially communism; supported by the fact that in 1848, eleven years after Charles Fourier's passing, Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto the eighth principle: Equal liability of all to work. My point being: Is it just a random coincidence that feminists crying for the so-called 'right' to work falls directly in line with the Communist agenda which advocates everyone be obligated (liable) to work?

4. The obligation of all to work is essential to accomplishing the second principle in the Communist Manifesto: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The reason being: How else could a heavy progressive income tax be most lucrative to the tax collectors other than to have everyone contribute by being taxed for their obligation to work, including women?

5. Considering that the tenth principle of the Communist Manifesto is free education for all children in public schools, and the eighth principle is the obligation of all to work, plus the fact that 76% of public school teachers were female in the year 2011-2012 according to the National Center for Education Statistics: Is it reasonable to hypothesize that feminism is a necessary tool of communism, proven by how many women work as teachers in public schools where young girls are often inspired to be feminists and teachers, thus keeping the communist cycle in motion?

6. Since the word 'feminism' was created by a man and feminism is about women's liberation from men, I chuckle at the thought: Can a man's word truly liberate women from men; and why does it take a man to liberate women; can women not liberate themselves for themselves?

7. Because it is a man's word that is liberating women, I further question: Does man also create the limits on how liberated woman can be; in other words, can woman ever be more liberated than man envisions since man created the concept? 

8. Furthermore, feminism is about empowering women, and yet the word 'feminism' originated from a man; therefore, I question with confusion: How is a man's word supposed to be a word of empowerment for a woman who believes she does not need a man? 

9. However, since the radical concept of feminism came from a man, here is my radical counter concept to consider: What if feminism is supposed to be for men who support women's rights, and feminists are supposed to be men who support women's rights; and women are supposed to create their own movement using their own word?

10. Maybe the word origin of 'feminism' means nothing to people though, except word nerds like me, which leads me to wonder: Would any feminists, non-feminists, women, or men, change their views on feminism if they learned the concept originated from a man?

(Got answers, questions, or thoughts? Share them in my comment box!)

1. Since feminism came from a man, do feminists need feminism? do women need feminism? does anybody need feminism...especially if it leads to communism? 
Feminism is for Communists
Bumper Stickers | Gifts | By Eve Penman

2. If women don't need feminism, what do they need? 

A kiss, for starters. 
I Don't Need Feminism, I Need a Kiss
Graphic Designs | Photography | Gifts | By Eve Penman

Questioning Feminism:
One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism
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