Favorite Things: 2016 Pocket Journals

To celebrate the new year, I have been designing new products for my Prose & Pix shop at Zazzle; my favorite are the 2016 Pocket Journals (click on photos for larger view). 

All the journal covers feature photographs I have taken of various scenes of nature the past couple years, including plants, mushrooms, and animals.

I have so many photographs that I want to see become more than space on a hard drive, or a framed picture that requires dusting; and nobody is going to make that happen but me, so that is what I have been doing with my shops at Zazzle and Society6 the past year. 

As someone who loves to write in notebooks, I equally love using my photographs (and words) to design notebooks for others to write in.

I hope others enjoy the notebooks as much as I do! Learn more about the Zazzle Pocket Journal here. View the growing notebook department in my Prose & Pix shop here.
To make the journal extra handy, I included a 2016 calendar on the inside of the front cover; with lines on the inside of the back cover in a section labeled 'Numbers & Notes'.
Fun Fact:
2016 is a Leap Year with 366 days.
The extra day is February 29th.

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