Inconceivable: The Private Sector is Not a Free Market

Q: What's the difference between the private sector and a public bureaucracy?

A: In the private sector, they expect results.
I have discovered this meme making the rounds (sans red lines) and I am calling bullshit on it, the creators of it, and anyone who posts it thinking it is accurate or even funny. Shame on all of you. 

How dare you spread misinformation as to what a free market is. Do you even know what a free market is? That's a rhetorical question, because it is quite obvious by your sharing of this meme that you don't.

Even I could not bring myself to share the meme without first crossing out the erroneous wordage. That's right; I have my line, it is drawn, and it is not in the sand. This leaves me wondering where everyone else has their lines drawn...if they even have any. 

Language is easily corruptible, and, from what I have seen in movements in the past, it is often one of the first things corrupted by, for lack of a better word, infiltrators. 

Granted, there is always giving the benefit of the doubt and rationalizing somehow that the incorrect words don't really mean what they are supposed to mean and only symbolically represent what they are supposed to mean; or some other rubbish you have to sell yourself on instead of facing facts and admitting to yourself that the words are wrong and do not mean what people think they mean.
When incorrect language is being used and no one is speaking out against it, that tells me that not only is the language being corrupted, but, far worse, the people are being corrupted and they don't even know it...or they don't even care. Either way, it is not a good thing.

Therefore, I want to shed some light on what the phrase Free Market means in an effort to disrupt the current flow of gross misinformation:

Free Market: (1) An economic system in which prices and wages are determined by unrestricted competition between businesses, without government regulation or fear of monopolies. (2) An economic system that allows supply and demand to regulate prices, wages, etc., rather than government policy.

Now, riddle me this, meme creators/sharers: How did that bottled water make it to the shelves without government policy intervening? 

For Gozer's sake, the water can't even be produced by a business without a license, required by government, and neither can a business sell the water without a license, also required by government; not to mention all the licenses required to distribute the water via vehicular transportation across multiple states.

Then there are all the policies -- let's not forget OSHA policies, my favorite -- the businesses have to follow in order to produce, distribute, and sell the water, which they have to comply with in order to do business. So, if these businesses have policies placed on them without choice by government and they have to follow the policies in order to do business, is that still a free market?

No, it isn't a free market, and you know it. So stop living in denial, and stop corrupting the language by spreading misinformation and incorrectly giving people reason to think that the private sector is a free market. 
Just nut up and face the truth that in America we live under pure government control in every sector of our lives, especially in the private sector, and there's nothing you can or will do about it...ever; you'll never say no to following policies you don't agree with, you'll never take a stand other than by posting memes on social media, you'll never do anything about the stuff that makes you fume, except go along with it since you believe you have no choice; so quit pretending America has a free market or that you know what a free market is when it is obvious you don't. Is this what eight years of life under Obama has created...more drones? I have to touché myself on that one.

The private sector is where results are expected and demanded, and where the bottled water in the meme comes from, which is not a free market. To imply that the private sector is a free market is nothing other than misinformation, and nothing short of treasonous in my World of Wordcraft. Sure, it starts innocently enough by calling the private sector a free market, but before you know it people will be saying democracy is freedom. 

To conclude, I recognize that my dissenting views towards words in a meme may seem obnoxiously anal for something so trite, but ask yourself: If it is acceptable to use incorrect words, why use words at all? If incorrect words don't matter, why would the message of the words matter, and why should it matter? And if the message of the words doesn't matter, then why have a message at all? 
As an afterthought, I think the left side of the meme would be better as 'Government Drinking Water,' to avoid the debate of government not having funds of their own since it is taken in taxation from the people, basically making it people funded water with government oversight; plus, it would then be consistent with the phrasing on the right without the verb. Why do I feel like I'm in a Monty Python movie?

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