Speak Up: Requests Welcome

I had a surprising request from a follower this past week for a couple stickers: Sticker 1, something that would remind him of the Pacific Northwest; Sticker 2, transferring a design from a magnet onto a sticker.

Not only was I happy to have the request, I am quite happy with the results.

Sticker 1. Dream With Eagles

I totally love how this design came about, by combining three different clip art images together. I don't draw, so I use public domain images approved for commercial use. 

Thanks to the request I was able to put the sleeping troll image to use, which I had been wanting to do but hadn't figured out what to design with it; paired with two eagle images, it came out perfect. The end result is pure Pacific Northwest: a sketchy mix of natural wonders and mysterious imaginings. 

Sticker 2. Be Outstanding

This design features my photograph and writing. It was first used on a magnet in my shop and was requested to be made into a sticker, so that's what I did. I love how it came out, and so did the requester. 

I have since added a similar image to my Society6 shop with a different font style.

As a human, I can't think of everything people like and I don't necessarily know what people like without being told. 

Therefore, I welcome people to do as my astute follower did and speak up by placing a request if you are in search of something particular; whether for an original piece, making slight alterations with fonts or colors to an existing piece, or transferring images to other products. 

Photography requests are also welcome, for art in the home, book covers for writers, Zazzle/Society6 products, or something else I haven't thought of. Email direct or contact me via your social media outlet of choice.

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