Take a Look, I Wrote a Book!

And this is not Reading Rainbow:

After hours of compiling, paring, proofreading, editing, and formatting, my first self-published book is now available in Kindle format on Amazon. 

To learn more about the book, read the free preview above.

Don't worry; it can still be read on any gadget, computer, or Mac, by downloading a free Kindle reading app

Plus, it is now available for paperback lovers here; it is not identical to the eBook, all the more reason to get both.

The cover photo artwork 'Shine' is also available in my Society6 shop as art prints and more:
These 20 arguments offer readers an introduction to Eve Penman and her evolving views on government, bureaucracy, voting, personal liberty, and random human observations; all with a tendency of being radical and dissenting towards mainstream opinions, rendering them unpopular.

Along with expressing her thoughts in writing, Eve utilizes photography as another form of personal expression included in this compilation. 

It was during her time as a freelance court reporter in the early 2000s, in both Washington State and Montana, that she witnessed firsthand the inner workings of the American legal system and the bureaucracy that controls it.

These experiences, along with many others, including being a state delegate for Ron Paul in 2008, contribute heavily to her dissenting viewpoints, as well as her use of legalese, and seek to offer insight for those willing to read her opinions, even if only for literary amusement.

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