Trumpophobia: It Takes a Bigot to Know a Bigot

I don't get it. Why are the masses in such an uproar over the things Donald Trump says? 

I mean...since when do presidential candidates sincerely mean what they say, or follow through with all the things they say they will do when they are campaigning? 

Come on, now. Even Obama hasn't done a lot of the things that he said he would do when he was on the campaign trail in 2008.

Gitmo is still open, troops continue to be deployed, and executive orders are being illegally executed; the exact same as when Bush was in office. 

So, why can't the masses just rest their bloody sphincters for two minutes over Donald Trump, who isn't even in office

Maybe, perhaps possibly, it's because people secretly like Trump but do not want to admit it to others; or, maybe, perhaps possibly, people have personal traits similar to Trump -- powerful, successful, smart, capable, outspoken, bold, rich, unapologetic, bad hair -- and deep down want someone with those traits to be president but won't admit it to themselves. They must repress their feelings for Trump, either consciously or subconsciously, due to fear of peer acceptance, political correctness, what their parents will think of them, or other unknown reasons. 

That's how phobias tend to work in modern America anyway.

Love him or hate him, it is obvious that people are thinking about, and thereby advertising for, Donald Trump. Seriously, do the Trumpophobes recognize that all the hating they do on Trump only gives him free publicity that he would not otherwise receive if they, his devoted haters, didn't take time away from one task to ensure everyone on social media knew how much they hated Trump? 

Granted, it is amusing to get a sense for how much people's blood pressure spikes when one syllable falls from Trump's mouth; that's power. 

In today's feeling-sensitive society, I can't help but wonder if all this Trump-bashing would be accepted in a public school if a kid were being treated similarly by classmates. Not only that, I even caught myself wondering what the mothers of presidential candidates think when their kids are being picked on by the masses, considering there are mothers these days who demand the school contact them immediately when their precious kid is being picked on by classmates.

It's a good thing schools are enforcing kids learn how to behave better than their parents; I'm sure it will stick when they graduate.

What amuses me most of all though about the Trumpophobia trend is this thought: Do Trump's haters know that by hating on Trump for his views and opinions they are being the same thing they accuse him of being...a bigot

I mean...do people even know what the definition of Bigot is? Based on what I have observed, my guess is no, so here it is: A person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Therefore, to be utterly intolerant of Trump's differing opinions is to be a bigot. 

Words and definitions; go figure.

Now, none of this is to say that Trump isn't a bigot; and, maybe, perhaps possibly, that is why his haters believe him to be one...because they are bigots themselves for being intolerant of his opinions and they can recognize their own ilk. 

Yep, it's all making sense to me now!

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Kyle Kakusareta said...

PERFECTLY WRITTEN!! It's fine to like or hate Trump, but I don't hate him, but some people I've met distance from me immediately when I say something that is not bad about Trump (not even a praise). Like Trump is taboo. So they can't accept that I don't hate Trump? Who's the bigot???