Roosh: The Patient Wolf

I have to give it up to Roosh for cancelling the official Return of Kings meetups that are now unofficially taking place February 6th, for those who still plan to meet. 

The dissenter in me likes to think positively that people will be getting together, however they choose, to have a good laugh about all the free publicity the meetups received from malicious rumor-mongering caused by Feminists For Censorship, Students Just Whining, and Wives Without Lives, as I like to call them.

Let me see if I have this right: People don't protest when congress gets together, or city council, or any other bureaucracy that only works to objectify everyone by taking money through obscene taxation and disrupting work with absurd regulations; nobody's crying about that, but people are crying about private citizens assembling, which is their American right? Why?? 

Is this because they aren't getting together to play with their balls, or, better yet, watch millionaires play with their balls? Heck, even if it were a sports-ball meetup, I question if people still would have stopped it because it's Roosh; which would tell me it's an attack on a person and not a topic, and I do not know which is scarier in the supposed Land of the Free. 

While cancelling the official meetups may look like a win for the whiners, I do not see it that way at all. The whiners have never looked like bigger losers, nor bigger witch hunters, and they should all take great shame in their ignorance for disgracefully trampling upon the rights of American citizens to assemble.

I actually find it incredibly good that Roosh did something that not even Pastor Fred Phelps ever did, which is to yield to the mob. Therefore, I do not see this as a loss for Roosh or Return of Kings, but just the opposite; I see it as a gentlemanly win by yielding to the clamor of an ignorant mob. Not that their demands are in the right, but to yield nonetheless is to take the higher ground, which is not always easy and why so few do it. Good for you, Roosh.

Let us not forget the scene in Gone With the Wind where Rhett excuses himself once he realizes his opinion is in the minority amongst Southerners in favor of war: 
He swung about, facing the crowd, clicked his heels together and bowed like a dancing master, a bow that was graceful for so powerful a man, and as full of impertinence as a slap in the face. Then he walked across the lawn with John Wilkes, his black head in the air, and the sound of his discomforting laughter floated back to the group about the tables.
The cancellation also indicates that Roosh cares enough about the people who follow his message to not put them in harm's way unnecessarily, when participants can still meet in private without the hassle of ignorant busybodies causing problems that could escalate to worse problems. 

As a line attributed to George Carlin goes: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. The fact that there are people who still plan to protest the meetups even after the cancellation is empirical evidence to me of just how stupid some of those people are (and that they have no lives) and that they can't quit even when they have gotten their way; the word zealot comes to mind. They obviously know not what they do.

I do not expect feminists to see the light in any of this though, since it is their lot in life to be offended by anything gentlemanly. In fact, I expect them not to understand simply because they are feminists, which means they blindly follow someone else's dogma, thereby making it impossible to think for themselves. I pray to Gozer they never make it through any jury selection process.

Now, if someone says the meetups were stopped because of the participants being rapists, I will only listen to such claims when a police report is given to me to research by way of a file number to look up online, since it would be public record. Hearsay is not admissible in the Court of Eve without proper evidence to back it up.

And, if someone makes the argument that anti-feminists must be stopped, I will ask you to define 'anti-feminist'. Is it just me, but wouldn't being against feminism mean to be in favor of femininity and womanly traits? Maybe I need to stop paying attention because I'm confused again.

None of this is to say I agree with every single thing Roosh has ever written or said, because I don't know every thing he has ever written or said; but agreement is not required for me to take the side of private citizens exercising their rights of speech and assembling peacefully...as much as groups of loud-mouth, beer-drinking, riot-causing, sports-ball-loving zealots have the right to assemble...and as much as groups of vociferous man-hating zealots have the right to spread their ignorant speech to the (m)asses. 

In conclusion, should people be wondering why any of this matters I ask you to consider this: Once one group has been stopped from exercising their rights, who will be stopped next and where will it end?

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