Life or Debt: Real Reality TV on Spike

Waking up in a black hole of debt is no way to start the day, especially when you feel stuck and are unable to dig yourself out due to underemployment or no employment. 

Once you have done it for so long though, it becomes easy to not see a way out of debt nor to even conceive of the possibility that there is a way out. Thus, debt becomes an accepted way of life with no end in sight until death, which can make death sound better than it should. 

I now understand from experience why the US government doesn't have debtors' prisons any longer: Because having debt is the prison.

The thing is, debt's impact doesn't end at the debtor as it can extend to family members; such as domestic arguments about finances that can lead to divorce, or children who stand to inherit nothing but debt-inducing habits, or parents who lose money to bad investments in their children's poorly-managed businesses. 

Debt negatively impacts people of all ages. Debt kills hopes, dreams, lives, souls, and libidos. Debt is a dirty secret that few talk about yet millions struggle with; and one of the few is Victor Antonio on Spike TV's new program Life Or DebtFinally, a real reality show that I can relate to! 

As I learn time and again, if something is helpful to me it most likely will be helpful to someone else. That's why I am passing on my personal recommendation to watch and study Life Or Debt; for anyone struggling with debt, or anyone who has to watch a loved one struggling with debt, or anyone who thinks their debt situation is hopeless and helpless. Victor Antonio, personal finance consultant, offers a light to guide the way.

Debt is a serious epidemic throughout America and one that will not go away by ignoring it. Tonight's episode (Cuban Fiscal Crisis) made me recognize the recurring trend in each episode: People hide their finances and debt from family; it's as if they hide it in a closet and do not want the truth to come out, thereby making it the new taboo. Incredible!

Debt will only go away after it is recognized, accepted, and tackled with the proper tools through persistent hard work, as is demonstrated on Life Or Debt.

I enjoy Victor Antonio's no-nonsense business approach with the couples/families on the show. He delves into the gritty finances and unorganized, anxiety-causing filing systems; he gets down to the cold numbers and lays out the harsh truth people do not want to hear, that they will be wiped out sooner than they think; he pushes people to see what they really want, what they are made of, and how much further they can go, all while analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in order to restructure the family roles that will work for everyone to ensure the best results. 

It is not always easy or pretty, but the families who follow Victor's advice and do the hard work get the best rewards by reducing debt, increasing income, and creating security for themselves and their families. Those are the happy endings I like to see!

Every episode leaves me feeling a little more hopeful that I, too, can lessen my depressingly-deep black hole of debt by employing the tools and techniques Victor offers throughout each episode. I am also utilizing the Life Or Debt website and blog resources; the information/insight provided on them reminds me that I am not alone in this struggle and that others have done it so I can do it, too.

It's also worth following Victor Antonio on Twitter to see his live tweets during the show and all the retweets he shares from followers (including me!), which only offers more insight to help inspire others to keep working to get out of debt. 

Sure, it could be argued that the sharing and retweets may be to promote the show; however, I sense nothing from his tweets but honest sincerity to help people take control and stop debt from destroying their lives. 

In recent years, CEOs have been demonized throughout America mostly due to their high salaries. Granted, there are always a few bad ones in any bunch, but Victor Antonio is refreshing proof that not all CEOs are evil nor want to see others fail in life. 

America needs more CEOs like Victor Antonio: Successful people who recognize that in order for unsuccessful to become successful, a successful person must reach out to offer help; and that, possibly, the more successful people there are, the better off the people, and America, will be. 

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