When Your Boss Reads Your Book & Other Book Reviews

That surprising moment when your boss says he bought and read your book; and the split-second mental spasm that follows at the realization of being found out for the things you think that you don't talk about at work, plus a quick mental scan to make sure there was nothing written that could get you fired (and you brought all this on yourself by recommending the book!). 

That was most definitely a moment, and I got to experience it this past weekend.

The good news is my job is secure and the book was well received, as I suspected it would be which was precisely why I recommended it. Not only did Boss Man like it, but he used one word in particular which stood out to me since it has been used by others in regards to my writing and photographic designs; and that word is the 'I' word: Interesting.
As a practitioner in serenity, being that I can't control what people think but only how I roll with the punches, I am following people's lead on this and am embracing Interesting as the word, or at least a word, to use when describing my book Unpopular Opinions

For all the words there are in the dictionary, there are many worse words to have one's book described as than Interesting

So, being the stenodidactic wordsmith that I am, I realized that I didn't know unequivocally how Interesting was defined. I had my assumptions, but I wanted to be sure, or as sure as anyone can be about anything these days, so I did what I know to do and looked up the definition(s).

My final result is a definition compilation for the word Interesting (see image above) based on research from a few online dictionaries: Engaging, Exciting, Not Dull, Not Boring, Arouses Curiosity, Attracts Attention. Interestingly enough, after reviewing the definitions, I can't argue against my book being Interesting, so I won't.

Along with the book being interesting, it is also thought-provoking, as was mentioned there were ideas presented which Boss Man had not considered until reading my book. Now that is what I am talking about when I talk about the power of the written word and that words matter...especially when there are no typos to decipher.

Again, there are far worse things to be in this world than a provoker of thoughts who introduces ideas which people may not have thought of prior to reading a book. 

In fact, that is the precise purpose of writing and why I write: to put ideas into the world that may not have been there before, and to share them with others so that they may (1) learn or consider something new, and (2) know that they aren't alone.
So. As if being interesting and thought-provoking wasn't enough of a review, I was next told something I had never heard before: That my writing, in certain areas, had a dry wit style reminiscent of Steven Wright. Well, call me Bucky Goldstein and buy me a pony. I could not have imagined that kind of feedback and I will not object to it.

I was once told I look like Tina Fey; I prefer being told my writing makes one think of Steven Wright. Although, when I apply a little serenity, a description of 'the looks of Tina Fey with the dry wit of Steven Wright' couldn't be more...interesting, could it? 

Honestly, who else do you know who can describe themselves in such a manner? Exactly. So, roll with it I will.

While it was validating to be told that my book is interesting and thought-provoking, it was made even better to be told that certain parts conjured up the sound of Steven Wright's voice delivering the lines.

I love to make people think, and I love it when I can make people laugh at my wit; so when someone tells me my book made them think and laugh and they paid for it, it is the ultimate writing success. It's almost like...I am a writer. Whoa. 
While this write-up serves as a book review from an in-person conversation, I highly recommend the first online review of Unpopular Opinions, provided by Christopher Yurkanin, available at GoodReads and Amazon

It's a brief and bold summary that accurately states what the book is all about (see image below for partial review); his description is exactly what I hoped someone would see in the book. Plus, it was written under no duress, which makes it even better. Thank you, Christopher!

In conclusion: People do not have to do anything in this wicked world. Trust me; I sat through enough court cases to know this for fact. So, when someone of their own free will and volition does buy my book, does think, does laugh, and does give me feedback, the serendipitous beauty of it all is overwhelming and in a class of its own...just like me. 

Thank you all for your support. Now go buy my book, pretty please, with sugar on top.
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