Don't Change the Minimum Wage: Change Yourself

To those who say that the minimum wage in the United States should be raised, I have a few questions. To begin with: Are you a minimum-wage earner or payer? If not, then why does it matter to you what the minimum wage is?

I mean, what makes it your business what someone else is paid for the work they choose to do when you are not involved with it? Do you not have anything else to focus your energies on that impacts you firsthand?

Not only that, but if you do not earn/pay a minimum wage and you think it is appalling that human beings should have to work for such an insulting wage, I ask you this question: What are you doing to help minimum-wage earners make more money? 

Yes, I understand you are passing the buck to government to force employers to pay their employees more money, but that aside: What exactly would you say you are doing to help the cause of minimum-wage earners make more money?

I mean, that is the cause, right; to help people earn more money? The cause to raise minimum wage isn't just about making more laws...is it?!? That's an unnerving digression to ponder another time, so back to what you are doing to help your cause.

For example, hypothetically: Are you hiring people at higher wages than the minimum wage? You do understand, don't you, that employers can pay employees more than the minimum wage at their own discretion without being mandated by law to do so; right?  

Heck, do you even own a business? Have you ever run a business or do you have a degree in it? Do you even know any business owners? If not, then how much do you know about the business of business? 

Do you know what is required to hire employees by various city, county, state, and federal governmental regulatory agencies; or how much money a business owner must pay to regulatory agencies for employing people and simply being in business? 

If you don't know these answers, then should you even be opening your mouth in favor of raising the minimum wage when you are not a player in the game as either an earner or payer? Consider that for a moment.

Now, what I would like to know is this: Are there really any private sector business owners (with employees) who are in favor of being forced to pay a higher minimum wage, or any wage that is mandated by government bureaucrats? 

I am not saying that such a business owner doesn't exist, but should they exist I would very much like to hear their reasoning as to why they prefer having government tell them how much to pay both employees and regulatory agencies. My comment box awaits. 

Now, if you are unable to hire employees at a wage you deem to be better than minimum wage because you are not a business owner, I reiterate: What exactly would you say you are doing to help the cause of minimum-wage earners make more money?

For example: Do you hire people to clean your house, maintain your home, wash your car, mow your lawn, run your errands, cook your food, help your kids, or anything else that can be hired out? 

Or what about this: When you go out to eat at a place where employees are paid minimum wage, do you give your servers an extra nice tip to make up for what they aren't earning from their employer? I mean, is there a law stopping you from tipping each McDonald's employee $20 every time you go in, or at the very least your cashier; or giving $20 to every WalMart employee you pass when in the aisles? Maybe there is such a law and I just don't know it. 

Or if not a law, there could be private business policies that do not allow tipping of employees, as is the right of business owners, and as it is the right of employees to seek employment elsewhere if they do not like a business policy.

But even if a private business does not allow tipping, why not arrange with the employee to meet them off business property on their own time to give them the money you believe they so rightly deserve for not being paid more under a cruel and unjust minimum wage? I mean, if this is a cause you believe so deeply in, are you not willing to utilize every way imaginable and possible when it comes to helping minimum-wage earners make more money?

Private business policies aside: If there is no law precluding you from giving your money to employees you interact with, and you think it is a grave injustice that people are not being paid what they so rightfully deserve, then why don't you be the one to give your money to the people that you think deserve to be paid more? 

After all, don't you want to be the change you see in the world? I mean, why settle by leaving it to government to set the example when you, as a private citizen, can be the one to make a real difference by giving your money to anyone that you think deserves it? Indeed.

In closing, and to lay some foundation, I am currently a part-time minimum-wage earner, which means that I, unlike so many talkers, am a player in this game with a completely different view from the playing field; and as such I have had my fill of people preaching the praises of raising the minimum wage when they neither make a minimum wage nor pay a minimum wage...nor support me in my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

To those people, I say: Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up; because you are not helping anything and you are only being part of the problem by passing the buck to government.

Now, should you find it to be the most Shakespearean of tragedies that I am currently condemned to being paid a lowly minimum wage, remember that you have the power to do something about it.

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Enbrethiliel said...


But why do the hard work it takes to make a difference in the world when I can just give the government all my agency and have more time (and money) for myself???