May Babes & Movie Cosplay

Lucky me, I share a birthday with Debra Winger. All the more reason to make her my movie cosplay choice for the Summer of '16, as Paula from An Officer and a Gentleman.

This film has been on Epix a lot recently and I finally watched it all the way through. I concluded that the Puget Sound looks good on camera, and so does Debra Winger without a bra, but maybe it's just me. 

That's the look I remember when I was growing up in the Puget Sound area in the early 1980s; watching the film brought it all back and inspired me to work at channeling it this summer.

In fact, going braless in the Northwest should be a summertime standard, at least for those young enough, bold enough, and petite enough; it's definitely not for everyone, which is all the more reason for those who look good doing it to take advantage of doing it. 

For anyone who doesn't know it, An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed around the Puget Sound in Washington State, which is where I am from and currently live. 

The Summer of Debra shot above is from one of my favorite scenes in the film; where the girls are riding the ferry (between Clinton and Mukilteo) and discussing their differing personal ethics of whether or not it is okay to trap an officer-in-training with pregnancy. Not only is the dialogue excellent as far as viewpoints to consider, but the scenery is pure Puget Sound, giving it a personal touch of home for me.

This is the website I found while researching the scene for its location. The website is a great resource; check it out to learn more about where many of scenes in the film were shot around the Puget Sound. 

Seeing as how I am still learning the lay of the land up here, I also attached a Google map of the Puget Sound Islands below to help educate others on Washington State geography. 

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