The Joy of Sexism: Why It's Good to be Sexist

Pardon my dissent, but I love sexism. Nothing makes me feel more girly than when a man willingly chooses to be sexist towards me.

To be sexist is to discriminate; and to discriminate is to make a distinction in favor of (or against) a person based on gender rather than individual merit. 

So, I'm supposed to be offended when a man treats me favorably, due to the fact that he distinguishes me for being what I can't help but be...a female? Now, why exactly am I supposed to be offended by that? If anyone can clarify, please do so.

I can't help but love it when a man favors me for being female; because it reminds me that I am a female, and that someone sees me as being a female, and that I should enjoy all the honors and benefits thereof; to wit:

- men opening doors for me
- men pulling out chairs for me
- men talking with me
- men complimenting me
- men admiring me
- men wanting me
- men defending me
- men doing gross tasks for me 
- men recognizing my feminine limitations
- men minding their manners around me
- men helping me
- men protecting me
- men supporting me
- men being nice to me

Granted, these perks should not go to one's head, nor should they be abused or taken advantage of; they should be reciprocated in kind. As I have learned through experience, it doesn't hurt to let a man be a little sexist when he chooses to be, and to be a little sexist in return for fair play. 

In fact, what I find to be more offensive than a man being sexist towards me is when a man thinks I am one of the guys and behaves like one of the guys (i.e., a pig) in front of me. Sure, it can be a fun new thrill when young, but wait until you are halfway through your thirties and you will realize that it is more enjoyable to be treated like a woman than a pig.

While I appreciate pigs and love having them in my life, especially when they bring home the bacon, it doesn't mean I am going to let a pig treat me like a pig; because I am not a pig, period. 

Just because I like hanging out with guys does not mean I am one of the guys or that I want to be treated like one of the guys. What it does mean is that I like guys, and I like to be around guys, and I like to learn about guys. What do you expect from a curious heterosexual female?

And, whether guys like it or not, I want to give them a reason to raise their standards above pig when in my presence, because I favorably recognize them as being more than pigs and distinguish them as being men. That's the joy, and power, of sexism.

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