A Man Provides: Lessons in Manhood from Breaking Bad

A man provides. And he does it even when he's not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he's a man.

Gus Fring knew what he was talking about when he said those words to Walter White in Breaking Bad. Granted, Gus is a fictional character, but those writers sure knew what they were writing and Giancarlo Esposito delivered those lines with triumphant conviction.

Fictional meth manufacturing aside, as a woman that is how I view the role of a man: to provide, to grin and bear what he does not like without pitching a fit, and to do what he must to provide for his loved ones and himself.

And why is that the role of the man? Because, he is a man and that is what a man does; period, end of discussion. 

There are no arguments or debating why a man has this lot in life, because for a man to do that would defy the very nature of what a man is as a provider.

A provider does not question his role as a provider; he provides, knowing that that is his role as a man.

A provider does not care what women think of him, nor does he wait for a woman to lead the way; he provides, knowing that that is his role as a man.

A man does not have time to argue, debate, or question his role as a man. 

A man has work to do, and that work is to suck up every annoyance about being a man, including every irritation a woman gives a man, put it aside without complaining, and go provide; because that is what a man does. 

A man provides in spite of that which he must tolerate.

A man does not bitch. A man accepts, or at the very least takes, what he does not like and moves on without bitching about it in front of colleagues, underlings, or women. 

Bitching is for bitches and anyone can be a bitch. It takes a man to stand apart from the bitches.

It is one thing to talk with a partner in private to air grievances, to seek solutions, and then move forward with resolve; it is another thing to whine openly in front of colleagues, underlings, and women, with no intention of resolving an issue. 

There is no bitching in manhood about what goes on in manhood. A man does not bitch about being a man. A man bears up and does what a man does. 

A man provides. 

And if a man isn't providing, is he a man?

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