Thoreau, Books, and Capitalism: Reasons to Celebrate July Fourth

Back in 2012 I wrote about celebrating Henry David Thoreau on July 4th, in recognition of the day he began his experiment of living deliberately in the woods. 

I still reflect on Thoreau each 4th of July and continue to find new reasons to celebrate a day that has lost its relative joy due to an obscenely oppressive government; two new reasons in particular being books and capitalism. 

Oh, what would life be without books and capitalism? 

Goodness...would books even be possible without capitalism? Well, good books anyway? There's a thought to consider for all the haters of capitalism who love to read books: What would books be without capitalism?

Books most certainly wouldn't be what they are today without Amazon, a private sector business offering self-publishing services to basically anyone who can figure it out; including those people who, at 2:30 in the morning, must get their paradigm-shattering manifesto out to the masses, even though it only makes sense to them because they wrote it after a 12-hour trip inside their pineal gland. 

Not saying that that's me; only that that is the spectacular reality of what capitalism has done for book publication by putting the power in the hands of writers themselves to produce their words the way they want, so long as it meets the formatting requirements and does not violate copyright laws of course.

How is that not totally awesome and worthy of celebrating on the 4th of July? It is not just awesome; why, it is, dare I say it...capital! 

Of course, for the haters of capitalism, the 4th of July is a time to recognize dissent, as the little Thoreau on my shoulder often reminds me. So, in that vein I do appreciate hating capitalism, even though it is arguably misguided...because capitalism is totally fucking capital! 

If you disagree and believe that capitalism is not capital, please email me at once to arrange donating all your money to me; because having capital when you hate capitalism is totally not capital and you should not have to bear that burden any longer.

If, however, you are looking for ways to celebrate the 4th of July by spending your capital, and you like books, and you like dissent, then allow me to introduce (below) the two newest Kindle ebooks I have published on Amazon: A Reason to Celebrate, and 50 Ways to Make a Difference without Government; along with my first paperback Unpopular Opinions: 20 Dissenting Arguments Compiled from the Blog of Eve Penman

The ebooks are super short, super cheap (only 99 cents!) and super for summer reading. The paperback is not as short, nor as cheap, because it is not as super...it is superb, and it is what everyone should read this summer before the election, in my biased opinion. Along with writing the books I also design the book covers, which only adds to their capital awesomeness.

I enjoy hearing from readers, so do not hesitate to share thoughts and questions in the comment box or via email.

Capital celebrations and dissentious summer readings to all this July 4th!

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