The Facebook Farce and Why I Deactivated

Respect yourself enough to walk away with your balloons.
I have left Farcebook yet again and I do not want to return to it.

At least, that is, part of me doesn't want to return to it; the strong, logical, rational, reasonable, sensible part of me. 

The sentimental and weaker part, however, is telling me to stay attached to the past and cling to the farce like a security blanket sewn of precious memories that dare never be cast aside; and I loathe that part in me when what I want is to be strong.  

Things must eventually be left in the past when they no longer make a person better, and Farcebook is not making me better or even happy. 

I am not getting what I need out of it and have not for a long time; it has become a chore that drains me, it gives me little to no return for my efforts, and it reminds me of a past that I do not always want to be reminded of. I do not even want to use it to promote my entrepreneurial endeavors, and that's saying something.

So, for all of that, why should I keep it in my life? For the sake of the people who are categorized as friends on it? That is not a valid reason; that is a thoughtless reaction and one that Farcebook pushes heavily when deactivating. Because what sort of 'friend' would want me to keep something in my life (even if it includes a conduit to them) if it makes me miserable? That is not a friend; that is a fiend and I do not want those in my life.

I am not saying that is how all people are on Farcebook; not at all. What I am saying is that a true friend (or rational person) will not take my deactivation personally and understands that leaving the farce behind is good for me.

But, should friends feel the need to follow (or fiends feel the need to lurk), people are more than welcome to subscribe to my blog(s) and follow me on Pinterest, G+, and eventually Twitter (I deactivated that too, though I will reactivate soon). 

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1 comment:

Peggy Thompson said...

Agree with you so much about Facebook! I deactivated my account a few years ago and haven't looked back. I hear how it has become sicker and sicker and more controlled by its property owners. I do not run with the herd or follow lemmings over the cliff. Nor do you, I surmise.