I Fight Authority & Authority Doesn't Always Win (My First Podcast Interview with Matt Forney)

Three weeks before the end of 2016, I sat down one-on-one with an IRS tax collector to address my outstanding six-figure back-tax debt that began accumulating ten years ago in 2006. 

Needless to say, I have been carrying a consequential and controversial load over the past few years as a result of exercising my unalienable right to say no to unjust government, and it has not been easy; neither the load nor my silence. 

Fortunately, Matt Forney was there to help relieve the silence by sharing my story via his This Alt-Right Life podcast with my first-ever podcast interview, so very appropriately entitled: She Fought the Law and the Law Lost. (I couldn't help but complement it with this post's title inspired by my favorite John Mellencamp song.)

Along with talking taxes, Matt and I talk Trump and what it has been like where I live in Washington State; a popular blue state that has numerous red counties filled with the silent majority, including my county which I had a hand in historically turning red...and it felt so good!

Please have a listen here, here, or here, to hear the details and results of my meeting with the IRS. There is no wrong time to listen nor wrong way to listen, unless the volume is muted then that would be counterproductive to listening. So un-mute, listen, and let me know what you think.
PS +++ Don't forget to grab your pussy, because Trump is coming!!!

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