Eve's Running Log

I am not a professional runner nor trained in sports: 
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I am experienced at walking and running, overcoming plateaus, mind over matter, and building up endurance.

I have transitioned from being an avid walker and anti-runner to being a trail runner, long-distance runner, and four-time half-marathon finisher along with other races of various distances (placing in the top 3 for my age division in a few, including a half marathon!) in Montana and Washington State.

To learn more about running or any topic without first making a financial investment, I always turn to the local library. I learned of Chi Running in 2010 from the instructional ChiRunning DVD, provided free of charge through the Missoula Public Library.

I credit Danny Dreyer's ChiRunning techniques for helping me remain injury-free through numerous running adventures, as well as educating me on how to be an efficient runner. I have gladly invested in ChiRunning books since 2010 and I recommend ChiRunning to anyone looking to be an efficient and injury-free runner.

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If running isn't your thing,
there is ChiWalking too!

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