Is Matt Forney Sexist?

This past week the search term 'Matt Forney sexist' brought someone to my blog. After doing a Google search with the term, I am left concluding that the searcher found my article Spank Me: Kinky McLintocks, Matt Forney, and Women Who Misbehave.  A fine read, indeed!

Granted, it took four pages into the Google search to find it, but it was there. The funny thing I discovered is that within those four pages there were plenty of anti-Forney posts by people, or more accurately women, who found it imperative to spend their time and words on a person they do not care for. The joke is ultimately on them as there is no such thing as bad publicity, only misdirected energy.

This is something I have grown increasingly amused by; when people bring attention to the thing they claim to dislike instead of keeping their mouths shut, or fingers crossed at the keyboard, and finding something they agree with to opine about. Of course, I know I have done it at least once or twice in my past, but I digress.

The search term 'Matt Forney sexist' got me wondering: Is Matt Forney sexist?  Not 'a' sexist, but sexist. Well, in order for me to answer that I first had to look up the word sexist to see exactly what the definition says, or at least one definition since it can vary from source to source.

Yes, this may sound elementary, dear Watson, but in this day in age understanding what words mean is a dying art and increasingly Orwellian in nature. Therefore, I aim to buck the thoughtless totalitarian trend and do my best to know what words mean when I use them. That is part of writing after all, is it not -- understanding  the words that are being used? Of course it is!

Now, the adjective form of 'sexist' refers to the definition of sexism for which there is three definitions. Starting backwards, the third definition of sexism from the source states that it is 'ingrained or institutionalized prejudice against or hatred of women; misogyny. Well, considering that Matt Forney, through his own writing, admits to having sex with women, my conclusion is that he is not sexist on that level. Seriously now, if a man has an ingrained prejudice against women or hates them, would he seek them out for a relationship or to have sex with them? That makes no sense to me, though it might to others but not to me.

Moving on to the second definition of sexism which is ‘discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such discrimination directed against women.’ When it comes to this definition, Matt Forney is the last person I would call sexist and here is why: Not only has he voluntarily shared my writings in his social media accounts without me asking him to do so, but he has kindly given me a guest post on his blog with another one in the works. 

Plus, drum roll please, he has hired me -- as in given me a job opportunity -- to do transcription work for his podcasts and videos. In fact, I did not have to solicit my services to him; he sought me out based on my excellent qualifications as a former court stenographer, to which I gave him extra points for being so awesome. Heck, he even made a Patreon campaign with the expressed goal of hiring me to do more transcription work for him. What a guy! 

Therefore, if Matt Forney -- a man  -- is sexist for hiring and promoting me -- a woman  -- then I may need to find another definition of sexist because this one is not lining up with his actions. Far from it!

Lastly, the first definition of sexism states ‘attitudes or behaviors based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles.’ Now, here is where I could see Matt Forney being considered sexist based on some of his writings, even though, for all I know, some of those writings may be satire, since the writer in me questions all writings by writers; but he would only be considered sexist inasmuch as a woman is sexist for wanting a man to change her flat tire, or support her financially, or unplug the toilet, or unclog the drain of her hair, or kill the scary spider, or mow the lawn, or take out the garbage, or carry the heavy grocery bags, or do anything unpleasant to which she deems is a man’s job. 

In fact, I would not even consider this final definition of sexism a bad thing since traditional gender roles are not bad for everyone, so say I, a burnt-out former breadwinner who would rather be a stay-at-home bread maker.

Therefore, perhaps Matt Forney is more traditionalist than sexist, but even with that I would not dare to box him into such a label since (1) that is not my call to make and (2) name calling only begets more name calling, so I would prefer not to travel down that path. However, if people feel a need to find a label for Matt Forney, I would simply say he is a man; that I am sure of, and I will leave it at that.

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