Stop Procrastinating and Start Cleaning with a Home Cleaning Guide Mouse Pad

Stop procrastinating and start cleaning today to make tomorrow better with my latest creation: The Home Cleaning Guide Feminine Floral Personalized Mouse Pad

Available only through Zazzle in my new CleanHouseGuide Shop!

I designed the Home Cleaning Guide Feminine Floral Personalized Mouse Pad especially for my CleanHouseGuide Zazzle Shop with the specific intent to help more homemakers keep their homes clean and in order all year long. Ideal for beginners and anyone new to homemaking, but also helpful for experienced homemakers, this durable and delightful mouse pad makes it impossible to not know what to do or when to do housework; and it won't get lost because it always stays in the same place -- under a mouse! 
The Home Cleaning Guide Feminine Floral Personalized Mouse Pad features a variety of standard household tasks broken down into three easy-to-follow columns, categorized by how often the tasks should be performed: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. This flexible three-column gui…

Remember, Remember, Mount Carmel Forever: February 28, 1993 - April 19, 1993

Never forget American history with this original commemorative design featuring statistics from the unforgettable siege at Mount Carmel near Waco, Texas, USA, that began on February 28, 1993, and ended on April 19, 1993. 

Never Forget 2/28/1993 - 4/19/1993; 51 Days, 82 Deaths, 11 Arrests, 1 Government. 

A white American flag is the symbolic centerpiece of this US history lesson design that is educational both on and off the grid.

While the number of reported deaths varies from site to site and changes over the years, the fact remains that there was only one government responsible for orchestrating the civil battle in Texas which resulted in numerous needless deaths of innocent women, children, and men.

I don't know firsthand what went on at Mount Carmel before, during, or after the siege; all I know is the hearsay that has been in the media for the past twenty-six years. But no matter what happened behind closed doors on the private property of Mount Carmel, it's what happened whe…

Take This Career and Shove It: The Joy of Being a Housewife

I've had odd jobs, I've had steady jobs; I've been a minimum-wage blue collar worker, and I've been a well-paid white collar professional.

For all the work I have done, from the time I was a child until nearly 40 years of age, I have this to say: Take this career and shove it.

Smashing ceilings and making bank has its place, but I am loving my new traditional role of staying home and not working for other people. I am now on my new wifely mission from the marriage gods, to make home the best it can be for my husband when he's home from work, and for me, of course, as well.

I no longer put my schedule before my husband's; I no longer make coffee for lawyers; I no longer have to go to an office during office hours in office attire, or wear a uniform that I don't want to wear, or do work for someone I don't want to work for; I no longer do anything for anyone except my husband, myself, and my home.

Now, I am the chief of home operations and my husband'…

Spring Begins with Life Lessons in Self-Employment, Home Economics & eBay

A new season has begun here at Ravenwood and, oh, what a relief it is. 

First, all the snow from the record-breaking dump in February finally melted two days after spring started. Here's what it looked like the first day of spring in the front yard, where the shadow of the house blocked half the yard from melting:

Second, we are no longer in the self-employment struggle which gave us a loss of $6k last year, and more likely than not other losses in prior years. Making money is not the same as managing money, and I have always preferred making it over managing it. So I have made it my goal to be better with managing the money, because I have to get better.

If we ever want to be better with our finances, I have to master my bookkeeping and money management skills, especially because it is not my money now but my husband's earnings that support our household. So, now that I have been keeping records the past couple years, my home bookkeeping data tracks every receipt and bill, whic…