Monsters and Miracles: Lessons in Gratitude from Elizabeth Smart

Monsters and miracles; that is what I take away from the Lifetime movie: I Am Elizabeth Smart.

I was in my early twenties when the abduction happened, so I've been aware of the story since it broke. I still remember what I thought when I heard she was found alive: There are miracles in this world. 

In my teen years I had read so much true crime that by the time of the abduction I had to block all the real-life cases from my mind to keep internal hope alive; because I didn't want to think the worst even though I knew the odds were not in Elizabeth Smart's favor.

A miracle was in her favor though, and her story is nothing but proof to me that there are miracles in life every day. 

Miracles are a major theme in the Lifetime movie, which Elizabeth Smart had a hand in producing and did not let get produced without her involvement. That's the real reason I watched it; it wasn't conjecture from someone else's view, it was her story from her; she even narrates it.

I like to…

Speaking Out: Why Should Customers Pay for Promotional Products that Advertise a Business?


I am done buying promotional products from businesses when they give me nothing for it in return.

Local Sequim businesses want money for promotional products when some of those businesses, like Sunny Farms Country Store, don't offer any incentive, not even 5 cents off the grocery bill for using their tote bag that advertises them; the bags don't even come with a discount, last time I was there anyway. 

Sunny Farms isn't the only one though; this is a common business practice in Sequim, and Washington State, and I am calling it out for what it is:


Below my opening rant/argument is the e-mail I wrote to the Sequim Co-Op on Monday night regarding their large display of promotional t-shirts they expect locals (and members!) to buy.


I want something for my advertising dollar, because I already get nothing for doing free promotions online. I rarely even get a like from the businesses when I do tag them; that's how businesses treat customers and free p…

Comments Worth Reading from Blogger Enbrethiliel

Thank you, Enbrethiliel, for leaving your insightful comments -- for over 2 years! -- on my Marilyn Monroe/Monica Lewinsky/Bill Cosby quote-mash-up blog post!
Her first comment was left in July of 2015 and her most recent comment was left in October of 2017; while there are only four comments in two years, the fascinating thing I find is that all the comments deal with different issues that have similar social dynamics as to what I discussed in the Monroe/Lewinsky/Cosby post.

From 'Team Woman,' to Cecil the lion (remember him?), to Donald Trump, and finally Harvey Weinstein's bout in the Court of Public Opinion, Enbrethiliel does not miss a step when it comes to seeing the public repeat itself every time a new issue takes the spotlight.

You can read the full blog post here including comments, or read the comments posted below (copied/pasted/unedited).

Thank you, Enbrethiliel, for sharing your insights from your own unique perspective with me and others; they have not gone unno…

Finding the Good in Black Friday: Save Money & Shop at Home on TeePublic

What I love about Black Friday is that you don't have to shop for Christmas gifts to take advantage of good deals for yourself; and you no longer have to leave your home (or get dressed!) to shop, thanks to life with the Internet. 🎁

Granted, I'm not crazy about so much pre-Thanksgiving Christmas pushing, but the capitalist in me can't argue against sharing Black Friday sales information for my TeePublic shop, especially for the sake of letting people know they can save money.💲

The good news is there is no Christmas music wired into this blog, so it could be worse. 🙉

November 23rd & 24th; Thursday & Black Friday
Also the 26th & 27th; Sunday & Cyber Monday
(See Google calendar below) 

$14 cotton t-shirts* 
$35 hoodies* 
$17 tanks*
$20 crewnecks*
$22 phone cases
$2 stickers
*may not include all extra-large sizes


> Should you want any of my designs or photos on products that currently aren…

Where Do Tote Bags Come From? 45 New Totally Spectacular Tote Bags at Zazzle

Some days, you tote the bag 👜 Some days, the bag totes you: 

I got a tote-ally unexpected surprise when I woke up the other day and discovered someone purchased 45 tote bags from my Zazzle shop. HOE.LEE.KOW. 🐮 

Needless to say, I tote-ally toted the bag that day. 👜

Tote-ally needful to say, though, is the biggest THANK YOU to the anonymous buyer for making this the largest tote bag order, and amount spent, in my shop ever; and for tote-ally making my jaw drop from the awesome shock! 😲

While I only design the tote bags from the comfort of my home, the real work of production and manufacturing occurs thousands of miles away from me on the opposite side of America, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, by a company that's been in business since 1932: Manual Woodworkers & Weavers. How awesome is that? Tote-ally awesome. 🎈

And it's Zazzle, in California, who serves as the hub that serendipitously brings us all together online for the sake of e-commerce around the world, which bene…