How 'Handmade for Heroes' is Showing They Care for America's Military

Have you stopped by the Handmade for Heroes booth at the Pumpkin Patch Flea Market in Sequim? I did and I learned a lot. 💁 

Handmade for Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Washington State with a mission to honor America's heroes, by reminding them they are cared for with special HFH packages sent around the world to members in all branches of the military, including contractors, the non-deployed, and their families. 📦 🌐 💓

(Scroll through my HFH Flickr photo album posted at the bottom of the article and read the descriptions for more of the information I learned about HFH; also visit the Handmade for Heroes website to see their Facebook feed, get contact info, and more.) 📷

I first saw the HFH booth a few years ago at the flea market when I was new to the area and wanted to see what the market was about. I only had farmers' markets in all the places I've lived as an adult, so I was thrilled for something different and a throwback to childhood days…

What's Falling Out of the Sky on the Olympic Peninsula?

Have you heard about what's falling out of the sky on the Olympic Peninsula? 👽

I came across this informative article (embedded below) in the Olympic Peninsula feed on Instagram regarding suspicious geoengineering activity over the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State; the article is from The Waking Times and was shared by freedom_faction. 📣

Considering how common it is to see trailing clouds over Sequim and Port Angeles, I thought it imperative to share the article here for the sake of informing more people about what is going on; so that others may gain a better understanding of what residents are seeing here on the Peninsula that may not be getting reported elsewhere. 💁

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Seal Street Park in Sequim: Now on Google Maps

Here's a look at what I've been up to the past few months: Leaving my mark on Google Maps as a Local Guide; I'm currently at Level 6! 💁

Seal Street Park in Sequim is one of my recent additions that was approved by Google Maps. I've been updating the map system with pictures, reviews, information, and new locations, to help locals and travelers find where they are going when they are in the area; it's the perfect outlet for a former stenographer who misses taking a record but doesn't miss court. 

Below is my Seal Street Park Flickr photo album that you can scroll through to see what the downtown courtyard park looks like; some of the photos can also be seen in Google Maps. 📷

Underneath the photo album is the new map for Seal Street Park, so anyone searching for it online can now see where it is located; underneath the map is my review of Seal Street Park giving more information about the park and what you can find there (the review is also available in Google Map…

How #ChildCare4All is Nothing More than Science Fiction

This was originally posted in October of 2015; I am re-posting it today 9.14.17 due to its insightful relevance in regards to legislation concerning Child Care for All (#ChildCare4All):
Ray Bradbury's classic science-fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451, was published in 1953, over 60 years ago.
Since I am living in the future to Ray Bradbury's 1953, I find it fascinating to compare his insightful imaginings with modern-day American realities, to wit:
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury "That's why we've lowered the Kindergarten age year after year until now we're almost snatching them from the cradle." Chief Beatty
U.S. Department of Education Office of Early Learning "The Office of Early Learning (OEL) is the principal office charged with supporting the Department's Early Learning Initiative with the goal of improving the health, social-emotional, and cognitive outcomes for children from birth through third grade, so that all children, particularly those with high nee…

How to Win a Free WyoWhy Tote Bag

WyoWhy is a Wyoming-based, woman-owned business headed by Kathleen Neiley, a true Woman of the West who is working to make a difference for many.

Kathleen is on a 'serious mission' to provide meaningful work to rural Wyoming women and has created a network of artists, designers, and seamstresses who produce a niche line of 'unserious goods' available for purchase in the WyoWhy online shop and at summer festivals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the business is headquartered. 

I first learned of WyoWhy on Instagram and that's where I won the free canvas tote bag that features the WyoWhy logo design: a classic Wyoming windmill! 

Qualifying for a chance to win a free WyoWhy canvas tote bag couldn't be easier, because Kathleen does all the work by choosing people at random; so all I had to do was follow WyoWhy on Instagram and that was it.
I didn't have to tag people, share posts, sign up for emails, say the alphabet backwards in Greek, or do anything other than wha…

What Should I Feed My Cat: The Best Cat Food by

Being an uninformed consumer is no way to go through life, especially now that it is the Information Age. Due to the wealth of free informative resources online, people have no reason not to be informed with all the information that is so easily attainable -- it's literally sitting in the palms of people's hands! 

However, due to so many resources online, it can be overwhelming to know what to read and what to believe and where to begin. I hope this article helps with that!

The other challenge, too, is separating what you need from what other people say you need; because what you need for you is not always the same as what other people say you need. For example, just because all the research points to broccoli being the healthiest food, if someone is allergic to broccoli it won't matter what the research says -- it won't work because of their own needs. Make sense? I hope so.

Now, the reason for all this abstract foundation building is to say that I was recently contacted…



Even though this is my third summer on the Olympic Peninsula, this was my first summer enjoying our daisy wildflower field from beginning to end. 

Most of the field's wonder was captured on my cell phone; an Alcatel OneTouch burner phone that gets the job done in a cheap and easy way, and it falls within my budget. This is the main reason I rely so heavily on photo editing; I can't get the macro and fine-detail shots that I would prefer to get. So, I work with the tools I've got and have discovered the joy of editing photos because of it. You can see more in my Instagram feed.

Since the photos make me happy when I create and look at them, I thought maybe others might find enjoyment in them, too. So, I made a short 72-second video with a montage of daisy photos from this season. 

It was really just a test since I hadn't used the YouTube video editor software in a few months (FYI, this video editor function will go away on September 20th!)