Where Do Tote Bags Come From? 45 New Totally Spectacular Tote Bags at Zazzle

Some days, you tote the bag 👜 Some days, the bag totes you: 

I got a tote-ally unexpected surprise when I woke up the other day and discovered someone purchased 45 tote bags from my Zazzle shop. HOE.LEE.KOW. 🐮 

Needless to say, I tote-ally toted the bag that day. 👜

Tote-ally needful to say, though, is the biggest THANK YOU to the anonymous buyer for making this the largest tote bag order, and amount spent, in my shop ever; and for tote-ally making my jaw drop from the awesome shock! 😲

While I only design the tote bags from the comfort of my home, the real work of production and manufacturing occurs thousands of miles away from me on the opposite side of America, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, by a company that's been in business since 1932: Manual Woodworkers & Weavers. How awesome is that? Tote-ally awesome. 🎈

And it's Zazzle, in California, who serves as the hub that serendipitously brings us all together online for the sake of e-commerce around the world, which bene…

What You Don't Know About Sequim: Researching Small Towns in Washington State

💁 What do you know about Sequim? I have lots of questions about this place and what makes it tick, from the way the name is pronounced to where all the money goes. What follows is what I have discovered; source links included. 

💁 Sequim is one syllable and comes from the Klallam language from the indigenous Native Americans who inhabited the region; the 'e' is silent, so it is pronounced SKWIM.,_Washington

💁 Sequim was incorporated on Halloween, October 31, 1913; but the annual Irrigation Festival started 18 years earlier in 1895 and is the longest continually running festival in Washington State.,_Washington

💁 Sequim is the second largest city in Clallam County; in 2014, residents living in Sequim totaled 6,737, approximately 10% of the county's population which was 72,715 residents.…