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Q: Is There Something Worse Than a Racist?

A: Yes, there is.  

I present Exhibits 1 through 25, researched and compiled from
Ape:  An imitator; mimic. Automaton:  Apersonoranimalthatactsinamonotonous,routinemanner,withoutactiveintelligence.Bigot:  Apersonwhoisutterlyintolerantofanydifferingcreed,belief,oropinion.Busybody:  A personwhopriesintoormeddlesintheaffairsofothers.Buttinsky:  Apersonwhointerferesintheaffairsofothers;meddler.Copycat:  Apersonorthingthatcopies,imitates,mimics,orfollowstheleadofanother,asachildwhosaysordoesexactlythesameasanotherchild.Echo:  Apersonwhoreflectsorimitatesanother; anyrepetitionorcloseimitation,asoftheideasoropinionsofanother.Fussbudget:  Afussyorneedlesslyfault-findingperson.Gossip:  A person who partakes in idletalkorrumors,especiallyaboutthepersonalorprivateaffairsofothers.Ignoramus:  Anextremelyignorantperson.Imitator:  A person who followsorendeavors tofollowasamodelorexample.Interloper:  Apersonwhointerferesormeddlesintheaffairsofothers.Intermeddler:  A person who takes p…

Fungal Inversions: A Photographic Trip Through 2015

Why You Need Eve's 2015 Fungal Inversions Calendar: A Year of Far Out Fungi Photos & Facts  * * * * * > Fungus Rules <  > Original Photography < > Educational Wonder < > Uniquely Northwest < > Universal Appeal < > 2014 is History <
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2015 Mushroom Calendar: Fungal Inversions
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Want Peace? Stuff Your Pie Hole

For this first Thanksgiving in the Olympic Peninsula my pie-making skills have been called upon to work their wonders.  A suggestion was made that both a pumpkin pie and a banana cream pie be the desserts of the day and I found no good reason to argue against such a delicious idea.

So with pie on the mind and a world of humans fighting, it got me wondering: Could pie help bring peace?  As Egon would affirmatively reply: Is the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9?

Mind you, I am not talking about world peace or a pie-bedazzled utopic dreamland where everyone gets along all the time.  As if.  I accept that, as a human and having observed humans all these years, humans are only capable of so much, and world peace is not something humankind has proven to be capable of at this juncture.  However, that is not to say that peace, in and of itself, is unattainable.  I know peace is possible in pocket-sized amounts, from my own experience; it is just that I do not expect to see peace on any grand scale,…