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New residence. New county. New city. New area code. New ZIP code. New roads. New views. New mountain range. New bodies of water. New elevation. New population. New library. New businesses. New grocery stores. New eateries. New utilities. New channels. New issues. New neighbors. New routines. New landscape. New surroundings. New spiders. New insects. New wildlife. New sealife. New flowers. New plants. New yard. New gloves. New hat. New work. New interests. New adventures. New life. 

New Avatar*
Eve Penman ~ Gal in Black Avatar ~ Made @ Avachara.com
Eve Penman
Avatar Makeover
August 2014
Since my preferred avatar-making site was not cooperating, I took it as a sign to search out something new.

Avachara.com came up near the top in a Google search for 'free avatar maker.' Being lazy and aware that too much info can be a bad thing, I clicked on Avachara rather than continue to search for more options. My review is as follows:
Avachara is free and easy to use; nothing to download and no signing up required.
  • Lots of options for facial features, hair and clothes, but some of the extras (stuffed animals, hobby-related items) I found to look rather odd in how they were incorporated so I didn't bother with them.
  • There are makeup options, but since I forgo that in real life I didn't utilize it here. Nor did I use the male avatar option, for obvious reasons.
  • I liked the selection of background options; bright colors, geometric patterns, seasonal images, national flags, and more.
  • Saving the images to my file of choice was super simple.
  • Overall, an easy, free, and fun avatar-making experience.

Do you recommend any websites for making avatars? 
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*No makeover is complete without a montage.

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