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Q: Is There Something Worse Than a Racist?

A: Yes, there is.  

I present Exhibits 1 through 25, researched and compiled from
Ape:  An imitator; mimic. Automaton:  Apersonoranimalthatactsinamonotonous,routinemanner,withoutactiveintelligence.Bigot:  Apersonwhoisutterlyintolerantofanydifferingcreed,belief,oropinion.Busybody:  A personwhopriesintoormeddlesintheaffairsofothers.Buttinsky:  Apersonwhointerferesintheaffairsofothers;meddler.Copycat:  Apersonorthingthatcopies,imitates,mimics,orfollowstheleadofanother,asachildwhosaysordoesexactlythesameasanotherchild.Echo:  Apersonwhoreflectsorimitatesanother; anyrepetitionorcloseimitation,asoftheideasoropinionsofanother.Fussbudget:  Afussyorneedlesslyfault-findingperson.Gossip:  A person who partakes in idletalkorrumors,especiallyaboutthepersonalorprivateaffairsofothers.Ignoramus:  Anextremelyignorantperson.Imitator:  A person who followsorendeavors tofollowasamodelorexample.Interloper:  Apersonwhointerferesormeddlesintheaffairsofothers.Intermeddler:  A person who takes p…

Fungal Inversions: A Photographic Trip Through 2015

Why You Need Eve's 2015 Fungal Inversions Calendar: A Year of Far Out Fungi Photos & Facts  * * * * * > Fungus Rules <  > Original Photography < > Educational Wonder < > Uniquely Northwest < > Universal Appeal < > 2014 is History <
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2015 Mushroom Calendar: Fungal Inversions
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