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Inflation Calculator: See How Far the US Dollar Has Fallen

With all the harrumphing amongst presidential candidates in regards to raising the minimum wage and/or closing the supposedly sexist pay gap, I can't help but ponder: Rather than bureaucratically coercing businesses to pay more money to employees, what if the Federal Reserve worked at raising the value of the US dollar?

After all, the value of the US dollar has only fallen 2,297.3% since the federal government was given control to regulate inflation upon the creation of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Only 2,297.3%. That's all. 

To put it another way, according to the US Inflation Calculator, an item priced at $1.00 in 1913 would cost $23.97 in 2015, with 2,297.3% being the cumulative rate of inflation. 

Now, while the US Inflation Calculator website defines Inflation as 'continuously rising prices,' the site also defines Inflation as 'the continuous fall in the value of the dollar.' Hence, the value of the dollar has fallen 2,297.3% since 1913, the year the fede…

Repurposing Punk: Reversible Bag Sewing Tutorial

My sewing machine has finally been serviced, so I broke it (and me) in by making a moderately challenging reversible bag using an old pair of Carhartt jeans, a cotton fat quarter, and a couple of t-shirt cutouts for a touch of personal flair.

The tutorial linked above is for a larger bag, but I experimented and sized it down into a handbag (see pic for cutting board measurements). I based the size of the bag on the fat quarter when cut in half; I then cut the denim jeans to the same size and drew a pattern on paper similar to the one in the tutorial.
Eat your heart out, Riff Randell.

I'm happy with how I utilized the final scraps of one of my 20-year-old Ramones concert t-shirts. I used a medium sized zig-zag stitch around the t-shirt cutouts and made a few laps to secure them.
The other t-shirt I used features pin-up art from Bawiddiman. I love his style and couldn't part with the t-shirt even though I don't wear it anymore, so it has been sitting in the project pile for a go…

Buffalo Bill for Diet Coke: He Wants to Wear You Like a Suit

Since watching Silence of the Lambs recently, I don't see the Diet Coke commercial the same way: You're so cute I want to wear you like a suit I think you'd look pretty good on me
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My Zazzle Order: Postcards, Stickers and a Magnet, Oh Boy!

I received my order of goodies this week that I placed through my Zazzle shop:
3 sets of postcardsI ordered 8 of each and they sent 9 of each; bonus!2 sheets of stickers20 stickers on 1 sheet; stickers measure 1.5 inches1 magnetNot pictured above
My intention with this order is to:
promote my work via networking and local stores that allow promotions on community boardsfirst one postedthanks to the Co-Op in Sequim for their community board!see for myself, firsthand, the quality of the items Zazzle puts outas Bill and Ted would say: Excellent!send out snail-mail surprisesa handful already in the mail! Click Here for 'Blossom Under the Sun' Postcard
Cherry Blossoms Promo Card:
These came out awesome, like everything in the order. All the cards are thick, glossy, smooth, bright and bold; I love them! The printing of the text and images is clear; I have not found any errors from the production process. 

I love all the font choices and color options; Zazzle has a huge selection to choose …

Hey, Hey, Hey: It's a Marilyn Monroe Quote Mashup with Monica Lewinsky and Bill Cosby!

This Marilyn Monroe meme showed up in my Facebook feed: It got me to thinking: Marilyn Monroe got it on with John F. Kennedy, a President of the United States, and she is adored the world over.
Monica Lewinsky also got it on with a President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and she is not adored the same as Marilyn Monroe.
So, why is it that Marilyn Monroe is adored and Monica Lewinsky is hated, even though they both were 'the other woman' to married men, and Presidents at that? (Answer: Double standards.)
And, if quotes attributed to Marilyn Monroe are viewed as inspirational, would they be equally inspirational when paired with Monica Lewinsky photos? (Answer: The awesomeness is uncanny!) I mean no offense with my Monica/Marilyn mashups. My intent is to get people to look at something in a different perspective and maybe, possibly, peek outside the box that blocks the light. A girl can dream, right?
Real or not, I find these quotes to be inspiring paired with Monica Lewinsky, more …

Runner's Log: My Unorthodox List of 50+ Running Don'ts and Dos for Runners and Non-Runners

It excites me when I get a sale in one of my online shops -- wow, somebody found my creation out of all the others and bought it! -- but the Runner's Log journals in my ProseAndPix Zazzle shop excite me in an extra special way.

The reason is because I see a sale of a Runner's Log as empirical evidence that someone is out there running, pushing themselves and bettering themselves (or giving it as a gift for someone who will be doing such things); and that makes me happy to know someone is bettering themselves; and now my creation gets to be a part of that betterment process and that is a totally awesome feeling, to know that my creative prowess is helping inspire good rather than evil. Or so I like to think.
Therefore, in recognition of another Runner's Log journal being sold (thanks, buyer!), I have created my own unorthodox list of running don'ts and dos for runners and non-runners alike to learn from and enjoy.

Don't be a jerkNon-runners: this means not th…

RIP Dink: Please Lock Up Your Dogs

This past week I have chosen to refrain from explaining to everyone what happened last Saturday that caused the sudden death of my sweet little Dink, as I do not want to have to repeatedly tell people something that tears me up inside.

I felt it better to focus on my sadness in the moment when it was most acute and fresh, instead of putting my energy into blame, anger, and hatred for what brought about her death.

I plan to share more about the event and my afterthoughts from it as time goes on.

However, under the circumstances at this time, I only want to share with others the information that is currently posted outside the property in an attempt to notify the rural neighborhood dog owners and other neighbors (local authorities have been notified by the property owner as well):
REWARD Seeking information regarding 2 loose neighborhood dogs that on Saturday, 6/20/15, at approximately 9.a.m., trespassed onto this property nearly 1/10th of a mile and mauled our cat 100 feet from the front do…

On Losing a Cat: Coping Without Dink

I lost my little girl this last weekend.

My little sweet pea of a cat, Dink, will be forever loved and missed. Our unorthodox family unit has lost a deeply loved member.
The pain caused by the holes inside our hearts that she occupied for almost eight years is excruciating at times.
Without our little girl, it feels as though have gone from a furry family of four to two people with a cat. Gozer lost his little sister and playmate.
He saw Dink one final time, but when he goes outside now he seems to be watching, looking for her; waiting for her to come out of the woods on one of her Dinky trails, or seeing her as she goes Dinking down the driveway, or suddenly appearing from behind a bush as she Dinks around the yard, the way she always would.

It is heartbreaking to watch Gozer as his mannerisms are not as playful as they were a few days ago; I suspect he is dealing with this event in his own Gozer way. Whether I was weeding in the yard or walking through the daisies, Dink was a constant compa…