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RIP Dink: Please Lock Up Your Dogs

This past week I have chosen to refrain from explaining to everyone what happened last Saturday that caused the sudden death of my sweet little Dink, as I do not want to have to repeatedly tell people something that tears me up inside.

I felt it better to focus on my sadness in the moment when it was most acute and fresh, instead of putting my energy into blame, anger, and hatred for what brought about her death.

I plan to share more about the event and my afterthoughts from it as time goes on.

However, under the circumstances at this time, I only want to share with others the information that is currently posted outside the property in an attempt to notify the rural neighborhood dog owners and other neighbors (local authorities have been notified by the property owner as well):
REWARD Seeking information regarding 2 loose neighborhood dogs that on Saturday, 6/20/15, at approximately 9.a.m., trespassed onto this property nearly 1/10th of a mile and mauled our cat 100 feet from the front do…

On Losing a Cat: Coping Without Dink

I lost my little girl this last weekend.

My little sweet pea of a cat, Dink, will be forever loved and missed. Our unorthodox family unit has lost a deeply loved member.
The pain caused by the holes inside our hearts that she occupied for almost eight years is excruciating at times.
Without our little girl, it feels as though have gone from a furry family of four to two people with a cat. Gozer lost his little sister and playmate.
He saw Dink one final time, but when he goes outside now he seems to be watching, looking for her; waiting for her to come out of the woods on one of her Dinky trails, or seeing her as she goes Dinking down the driveway, or suddenly appearing from behind a bush as she Dinks around the yard, the way she always would.

It is heartbreaking to watch Gozer as his mannerisms are not as playful as they were a few days ago; I suspect he is dealing with this event in his own Gozer way. Whether I was weeding in the yard or walking through the daisies, Dink was a constant compa…

Photography Meditation: Caterpillar in the Morning

Take time to watch the caterpillars: "The Master sees things as they are, without trying to control them. She lets them go their own way, and resides at the center of the circle." Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching
New meditation artwork:
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Bird Juice: DIY Hummingbird Food Recipe

Here is the recipe I use to make hummingbird food at home. I make four cups at a time and store the excess in a cleaned-out whiskey bottle.

DIY Hummingbird Food: 4 cups hot water + 1 cup white cane sugar Boil water in tea kettle. Pour water in 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup. Add sugar; mix until sugar dissolves. Fill up feeders or store in clean jar! (use a funnel)
Food coloring is not needed to attract birds!
The birds here on the Olympic Peninsula have been sucking this stuff down so fast, I have to refill two feeders every few days; evidence to me that food coloring is not needed to attract birds. 

Hot water and sugar, that is all you need for hours of hummingbird-feeding enjoyment...and a feeder, of course.
Happy Feeding!
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