Peer Pressure vs. Racism: The Real Reason People are Blacklisting the Rebel Flag

In an instant life can change. Something that was once present without question is suddenly gone with the wind and you are left in a whirl wondering 'Hey, what happened?'

While popular consensus is that censoring a symbol from American history is a solution to a momentary problem brought on by someone who committed a heinous crime, I only see it as a reactionary measure equal to blacklisting trench coats because of the Columbine High School shooting, or banning music because kids killed themselves while listening to it, or stopping all sales of the Dixie Chicks albums because they spoke out against President Bush (before everyone else did). 

In other words, people who are choosing to voluntarily blacklist the Rebel Flag now, in 2015, are not taking a stand against racism. Blacklisting the flag at this point is nothing more than basic grade school peer pressure as it is being done to save one's face when confronted by the herd.
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Case in point: Why is it that when the Dukes of Hazzard movie came out in the last decade, Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpson weren't being called racists for starring in a film with a theme associated with the Rebel Flag? How come people didn't have to hide in shame for being associated with the flag then, and why are people voluntarily blacklisting it now out of shame...and does this mean that wearing Daisy Dukes is a sign you're a racist?

Is this truly all because of one person who committed a heinous crime? Wow. If that is the reason, talk about willingly giving that person a lot of power over one's own emotions and rationale.

Is self-control really that rare these days? Must be.
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Applying the same logic as is currently being used on the Rebel Flag, consider these hypotheticals: What if a person who committed a heinous crime had a picture of themselves wearing a Justin Bieber shirt, or a pro-breastfeeding shirt, or a Save The Whales shirt? Would those things become demonized in the public's eyes and blacklisted as well? If not, then why is the Rebel Flag being demonized?

And heck, what if someone went into a movie theater and killed a bunch of people during a film's midnight premiere; should that film no longer be allowed to be shown?

Does this line of logic and questioning make sense to anyone? 
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Does anything about blacklisting the Rebel Flag make sense to anyone...other than peer pressure to political correctness and groupthink mentality?

Anyone else remember learning about peer pressure? The feeling that you must conform to the crowd when you do not want to and you must do what the crowd is doing even if you do not want to, in order to be accepted by the crowd.

Because if you are not accepted by the crowd you may be shunned, called names, beaten up, sued, or possibly killed...all because you dared to be you.
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Kind of funny that so many people who claim racism is terrible are simultaneously putting pressure on people to conform to society's momentary standards and to do things they do not want to do out of fear of being rejected, sued, and possibly harmed.

Now that is terrible. 
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Thank You for Not Conforming!
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