Buffalo Bill for Diet Coke: He Wants to Wear You Like a Suit

Since watching Silence of the Lambs recently,
I don't see the Diet Coke commercial the same way:
You're so cute
I want to wear you like a suit
I think you'd look pretty good on me 
Buffalo Bill for Diet Coke:
He Wants to Wear You Like a Suit

But maybe that's just me?
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It's Monday: Seize It

They're not that different from you, are they?

Same haircuts; full of hormones, just like you.

Invincible, just like you feel.

The world is their oyster.

They believe they're destined for great things,
just like many of you.

Their eyes are full of hope, just like you.

Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable?

Because, you see, gentlemen,
these boys are now fertilizing daffodils.

But if you listen real close,
you can hear them whisper their legacy to you.

Go on, lean in.


You hear it?


Carpe diem.

Seize the day, boys.

Make your lives extraordinary.

~ Dead Poets Society ~

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This Is The Day to See Life's Beauty

The daisies in Dink's memorial garden are blooming beautifully.
Even though she has evolved to another sphere, reminders of Dink are everywhere, especially outside in nature where she was as happy as could be.

It is still hard to not see her Dinking around the way she would, but I know her spirit surrounds and blesses us with her feline godliness, as is proven (I like to think) by the beauty of her daisies.

It is not always easy to make something beautiful from something ugly, or to see the beauty of life when working to get past its ugliness, but it is what must be done. 

Just as the light cannot be seen without darkness, life's beauty cannot be seen without its ugliness.

That is the reminder I see in Dink's daisies and why I like to use flowers from her garden to design goods for my Zazzle shop.

This is the day to see life's beauty (and buy a magnet featuring Dink's daisies!).
'This Is The Day' Magnetic Inspiration from Eve
Available Here

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My Zazzle Order: Postcards, Stickers and a Magnet, Oh Boy!

I received my order of goodies this week that I placed through my Zazzle shop:
  • 3 sets of postcards
    • I ordered 8 of each and they sent 9 of each; bonus!
  • 2 sheets of stickers
    • 20 stickers on 1 sheet; stickers measure 1.5 inches
  • 1 magnet
    • Not pictured above

My intention with this order is to:
  • promote my work via networking and local stores that allow promotions on community boards 
    • first one posted
  • see for myself, firsthand, the quality of the items Zazzle puts out
    • as Bill and Ted would say: Excellent!
  • send out snail-mail surprises
    • a handful already in the mail!

Cherry Blossoms Promo Card:
These came out awesome, like everything in the order. All the cards are thick, glossy, smooth, bright and bold; I love them! The printing of the text and images is clear; I have not found any errors from the production process. 

I love all the font choices and color options; Zazzle has a huge selection to choose from. For all the information I added to the front of the card, the fonts/colors complement the image well and make the text appealing to the eye (FYI, pretty fonts/colors can entice reading more than bland fonts/colors). 

I designed the backside of the card as a greeting and brief introduction; I will also be adding self-crafted rip-off tags to the bottom. Not all community board locations may allow rip-off tags, so I planned ahead and added my shop websites to the side borders (seen better in the photo above).

Greetings from Sequim! Postcard
I love that Zazzle allows people to select a backside color for postcards; again, they offer a wide assortment of colors. I chose orange for the backside of these cards as it complements the golden Cat's Ear wildflowers on the front beautifully.

The cards can be customized to any color the buyer chooses and text can be added, too. Again, these cards are glossy, thick, smooth and beautiful -- and they are not available anywhere else except my Zazzle shop

'The Best Dink Ever' Memorial Card
Overcoming the loss of Dink has not been easy, mostly due to the way in which we had to let her go, but I work at not letting the sadness overpower me; one thing that helps is her photos.

I made the memorial postcard to send to friends and family as a reminder of our little sweet pea. I have also placed one of the cards at Dink's spot in the window with her box of ashes; seeing her face reminds me that her Dinky spirit is with us even if her body is not.

I chose pink as the background color for Dink's memorial cards; vibrant and bold, girly and sweet, just like Dink. Instead of 'RIP Dink' on the front, as I had originally intended, I changed it before finalizing the order to 'The Best Dink Ever' as those were a few of my parting words to her in our final moments. Dink will be forever loved and she will always be The Best Dink Ever.
Click Here for 'The Best Dink Ever' Magnet

'The Best Dink Ever' Memorial Magnet
I also had a 2 inch-by-2 inch magnet made special for Dink's paternal grandma; losing a grandcat is not easy.

The quality of both the image and text came out crisp and clear, and it works just as it should (pictured above securing postcard to refrigerator). 

I have made these magnets available in my shop, along with the memorial postcards, should anyone want a keepsake of their own (links below photos).

'Sun Sea Lavender Love' Heart Stickers
This is my first set of stickers to showcase Sequim, Washington, the area where I live. These smaller stickers measure 1.5 inches; the perfect size for decorating, crafting, collecting, giving and sharing. Larger hearts, and other shapes, are also available, which is another thing I love about Zazzle products -- lots of options with one design!

I ordered these ones in glossy, as that was the default setting, but matte finish is also available. I like the glossy finish as it is super shiny and catches the eye. And yes, I am secure in admitting that I like shiny things.

Before posting this item for sale I shifted the text upwards slightly, as the text at the bottom came close to the sticker edge. Placing this order helped a lot as far as seeing what the finished product looks like, so I know what to look for when designing products to make sure they come out their best. 

'Blossom Under the Sun in Sequim, Washington!' Round Stickers
I made this set of stickers for promotions and, again, to get an idea of what the product quality is like. The quality is excellent, the stickers are beautiful, shiny, and meet my expectations; on par with anything purchased in a brick-and-mortar shop. 

I used light grey font for my shop addresses underneath the blossoms and it may be too light, but that was the purpose of doing this; to see what it would look like. So now I know and knowing is half the battle. 

I love this photo of cherry blossoms, which is why I used it, but I wanted to add prose to it and thus was inspired to create: Blossom Under the Sun in Sequim, Washington! The rhyming was not intended, it just worked out that way. Having reviewed these stickers up close, it showed me where I needed to make corrections before posting them for sale. Follow the link above (under the photo) to see what they look like now!
Did you know, the United States Postal Service now has Forever Stamps available in postcard denominations? Well, they do. Color me stoked to the max and keep an eye on your mailboxes! 

Overall I am very satisfied with this order and feel more secure and knowledgeable about the product quality having now seen firsthand what some of my ordered designs look like up close. I have ordered through Zazzle in the past, from other stores and also from my own, and knew they put out quality items, but it is still good to see for myself...and to buy items to promote myself around town!

Thank You for Your Support!

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