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Buffalo Bill for Diet Coke: He Wants to Wear You Like a Suit

Since watching Silence of the Lambs recently, I don't see the Diet Coke commercial the same way: You're so cute I want to wear you like a suit I think you'd look pretty good on me
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My Zazzle Order: Postcards, Stickers and a Magnet, Oh Boy!

I received my order of goodies this week that I placed through my Zazzle shop:
3 sets of postcardsI ordered 8 of each and they sent 9 of each; bonus!2 sheets of stickers20 stickers on 1 sheet; stickers measure 1.5 inches1 magnetNot pictured above
My intention with this order is to:
promote my work via networking and local stores that allow promotions on community boardsfirst one postedthanks to the Co-Op in Sequim for their community board!see for myself, firsthand, the quality of the items Zazzle puts outas Bill and Ted would say: Excellent!send out snail-mail surprisesa handful already in the mail! Click Here for 'Blossom Under the Sun' Postcard
Cherry Blossoms Promo Card:
These came out awesome, like everything in the order. All the cards are thick, glossy, smooth, bright and bold; I love them! The printing of the text and images is clear; I have not found any errors from the production process. 

I love all the font choices and color options; Zazzle has a huge selection to choose …