Questioning Feminism: One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism

Upon learning the origin of the word 'feminism' I have begun to question what I did not know.

1. The word 'feminism' was created by a man, Charles Fourier, which begs the question: Is feminism a troll on women?

2. Charles Fourier (1772-1837) was a French philosopher who became associated with Utopian socialism. I can't help but wonder: With all the feminism in America, where is the Utopia...or is this it?

3. Since socialism is a less extreme version of communism and feminism came from a socialist thinker, feminism is essentially communism; supported by the fact that in 1848, eleven years after Charles Fourier's passing, Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto the eighth principle: Equal liability of all to work. My point being: Is it just a random coincidence that feminists crying for the so-called 'right' to work falls directly in line with the Communist agenda which advocates everyone be obligated (liable) to work?

4. The obligation of all to work is essential to accomplishing the second principle in the Communist Manifesto: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The reason being: How else could a heavy progressive income tax be most lucrative to the tax collectors other than to have everyone contribute by being taxed for their obligation to work, including women?

5. Considering that the tenth principle of the Communist Manifesto is free education for all children in public schools, and the eighth principle is the obligation of all to work, plus the fact that 76% of public school teachers were female in the year 2011-2012 according to the National Center for Education Statistics: Is it reasonable to hypothesize that feminism is a necessary tool of communism, proven by how many women work as teachers in public schools where young girls are often inspired to be feminists and teachers, thus keeping the communist cycle in motion?

6. Since the word 'feminism' was created by a man and feminism is about women's liberation from men, I chuckle at the thought: Can a man's word truly liberate women from men; and why does it take a man to liberate women; can women not liberate themselves for themselves?

7. Because it is a man's word that is liberating women, I further question: Does man also create the limits on how liberated woman can be; in other words, can woman ever be more liberated than man envisions since man created the concept? 

8. Furthermore, feminism is about empowering women, and yet the word 'feminism' originated from a man; therefore, I question with confusion: How is a man's word supposed to be a word of empowerment for a woman who believes she does not need a man? 

9. However, since the radical concept of feminism came from a man, here is my radical counter concept to consider: What if feminism is supposed to be for men who support women's rights, and feminists are supposed to be men who support women's rights; and women are supposed to create their own movement using their own word?

10. Maybe the word origin of 'feminism' means nothing to people though, except word nerds like me, which leads me to wonder: Would any feminists, non-feminists, women, or men, change their views on feminism if they learned the concept originated from a man?

(Got answers, questions, or thoughts? Share them in my comment box!)

1. Since feminism came from a man, do feminists need feminism? do women need feminism? does anybody need feminism...especially if it leads to communism? 
Feminism is for Communists
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2. If women don't need feminism, what do they need? 

A kiss, for starters. 
I Don't Need Feminism, I Need a Kiss
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Questioning Feminism:
One Man's Utopia is Another Man's Communism
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