How Immigration Policies Shape America: A Ketchikan Photo Essay

The recent uproar over the Trump Administration's immigration policies reminded me of a few historically-significant facts that I learned about three businesses while visiting Ketchikan, Alaska, last September (2016). Others might benefit from learning about them, too, so enjoy!

1. I learned about Tatsuda's Grocery and how the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor impacted the family in two ways. Not only was the family sent to internment camps at the order of American government, but three sons served in the US Armed Forces at the same time the family was being interned. 

Crazy? That's America and that's history, folks. 

2. I also learned about the history of the Diaz Cafe; specifically, that while immigration laws in the 1920s restricted Chinese and Japanese immigrants from coming to America, Filipinos were not blocked from immigrating. Thus, Ketchikan boomed with 'Alaskeros' who became part of the community, and still are.

So, it can be viewed as bad that certain groups were blocked from immigrating, yet at the same time other groups were allowed in who made America their new home -- and that can be viewed as good! Right or wrong, that is how history played out, and it is something to learn from.

3. Lastly, I learned about the family who started the New York Hotel and Cafe. Even before the internment camps of WWII, in 1925 the Shimizu family was forced to move to another area in town due to local efforts to improve buildings and move minorities out. And this is Alaska, folks...freedom, the last frontier, and all that jazz.

The family was  also interned during World War 2, but people of the community took over running the business and gave the Shimizus all the profits upon their return (release). Now that's community!

As sad as it is to understand that this is the truth behind a small part of America's history -- people being told they can or cannot live somewhere, people being forced to leave their homes and live in government camps, people being told they are not allowed to move to America -- this is what has made America the America it is today. 

America may not be perfect, like every other country, but it has a history unlike any other; and history continues to be made every day whether people go along with laws, fight laws, or ignore laws. Because it's the people who make America and its history incredible, not the government.


Women's March 2017 Movie Mashup: They'll Never Take My Laughter

I do not know what rights women think they are losing with President Trump, but they have not lost their right to be funny, that's for sure. As well, I am not precluded from exercising my right reserved under the Ninth Amendment to make fun of anyone walking around in a vagina costume, in public, over the age of 12. Yay for rights!



Grab Your Pussy, Trump Is Here!

After these last 16 years, I never thought I would be excited for a president, but here I am, legitimately thrilled with anticipation to see what becomes of a Trump presidency. Anything can happen and I have no doubt anything will happen, and that is what will make it all the better! 

So, goodbye to America's first robotic, fully-teleprompted puppet-president; may his and his predecessor's legacies be pulverized under the hellacious heel of Donald J. Trump. 

I even figured out the perfect parody song for the event: Movin' on out, from the east side, we finally lost our piece of the piiiieeeeeee! Indeed, I am singing and 100% excited. Trump Day 2017 off from work is going to be Trumpendous! 

Along with America getting an update today, I will be treating myself and my hair to a much-needed color boost with the most appropriate of colors for life in a blue state -- RED! Yep, a day of Trumping around with fresh red hair in a county that is so very, very blue is just what the pussy ordered.

Speaking of pussies, have you seen my uber-awesome 'Grab Your Pussy, Trump Is Coming' design, along with all my other original pro-Trump designs? What do you think of them? 

If you haven't seen the designs yet, please remedy that by enjoying this short video below that I created this week using YouTube Editor (40 seconds); it features images of my own Trump designs on the most popular products in my gift shops, along with lots of thanks to you wonderful buyers. 

All links for the shops are in the sidebar and at the bottom of this post under the thank you banner; comments are encouraged and appreciated! What are you doing for Trump Day?


I Don't Need Feminism...or Do I?

As a post-Women's Lib Gen-Xer, all I have ever been taught and shown by the world around me is that women can do anything and everything a man can do, at least legally speaking.

Here's the thought, though, that feminists forgot, or that got blocked by gatekeepers: Do I want to do everything? Who cares if I can do everything? Do I want to, as a woman of my own free will and volition, do everything and anything a man can do?

Let me think on that for a split second.

No! I absolutely do not want to do anything and everything a man can do. And why would I, or why should I? So that then I can be a man? Then, if I'm so manly that I can do it all myself, why would I want a man around since he can't do anything for me that I can't do myself? And why would a man want to be around me if I'm so manly; so that he can treat me like one of the guys? No, thank you.

Instead, what if, rather than trying to do anything and everything a man can do, I were to focus on becoming anything and everything a woman can be, considering that's what I am? Is that too crazy? I mean, how dare a woman not want to be a man, right? Right.

Not right.

This [ill]logic of feminism does amuse me, so much that I have taken it as a form of inspiration in creating new graphic designs for my online shops (links in sidebar); here are the four newest RedBubble stickers. What do you think?

Okay; so maybe I do need feminism...to inspire me to fight back against it!


I Fight Authority & Authority Doesn't Always Win (My First Podcast Interview with Matt Forney)

Three weeks before the end of 2016, I sat down one-on-one with an IRS tax collector to address my outstanding six-figure back-tax debt that began accumulating ten years ago in 2006. 

Needless to say, I have been carrying a consequential and controversial load over the past few years as a result of exercising my unalienable right to say no to unjust government, and it has not been easy; neither the load nor my silence. 

Fortunately, Matt Forney was there to help relieve the silence by sharing my story via his This Alt-Right Life podcast with my first-ever podcast interview, so very appropriately entitled: She Fought the Law and the Law Lost. (I couldn't help but complement it with this post's title inspired by my favorite John Mellencamp song.)

Along with talking taxes, Matt and I talk Trump and what it has been like where I live in Washington State; a popular blue state that has numerous red counties filled with the silent majority, including my county which I had a hand in historically turning red...and it felt so good!

Please have a listen here, here, or here, to hear the details and results of my meeting with the IRS. There is no wrong time to listen nor wrong way to listen, unless the volume is muted then that would be counterproductive to listening. So un-mute, listen, and let me know what you think.
PS +++ Don't forget to grab your pussy, because Trump is coming!!!