How to Prepare for the Dump (in Port Angeles)

It's a dirty job, but someone has to write about the local dump. Read my Google write-up of Blue Mountain Transfer Station below to learn how real the struggle is; also included are helpful tips on how to organize and prepare for the dump when you take your garbage in yourself.

1 4 6 9 Blue Mountain Road
Port Angeles, WA 9 8 3 6 2
Phone: ( 3 6 0 ) 4 1 7 - 4 8 7 4
Hours: 9 - 5 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Resourceful facility, attentive employees, clearly marked stations with free recycling for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum, plus antifreeze and motor oil recycling; however, there are a few insights people may find helpful to know from a local. LOOK OUT: There is absolutely NO SIGNAGE when you turn right off Blue Mountain Road (from Hwy101 direction) indicating the facility is there, as of the time of this writing. It would be nice if the owners could rectify this for the sake of clearly identifying the location from both directions of Blue Mountain Road so that people looking for it can find it, and then they can make money from the people which is the point of being in business. I know folks who have driven miles past the facility never seeing any sign telling them it was there or that they even missed it! This is a terrible lack of service on the facility's part, but typical for this region overall. There is a small sign after you turn to get into the facility, but it is not in view from Blue Mountain Road. No signage might explain why I've seen bags of garbage along the side of Blue Mountain Road, from people who grew tired of looking so they tossed their garbage out the window. BEWARE: Plenty of people who use this facility have little respect for others who use it. People park in the way where signs tell them not to park causing back-ups, they don't make room for others or seem to understand others need access to the limited space too, they move slowly while a line forms and people wait for them, and they appear to have no intention to go quickly to facilitate the line moving; it's as if the world revolves around them. It's mind-boggling to sit in line watching grown adults dawdle who know better, yet they do nothing to do better. So go early to beat the entitled, the retired, the slow moving, and the poorly prepared.
ALSO BEWARE: Geriatric folks in their nineties; they may ask for help with their garbage. Personally, I see this as endangering themselves and others, not only by driving at their stage of frailty but by relying on strangers to lift their heavy property on the facility's grounds. In the litigious State of Washington, that's a major danger warning to me after working in their courts. GARBAGE ORGANIZING PRO TIPS: Break garbage down into small enough bags so that you, your parents, or your grandparents, can handle each bag yourself. That's what I do when I have no one else to rely on but me and it works every time. Grocery stores have tons of free plastic bags in the bag recycle bins; take some and use them for this. It also helps prevent all the little pieces of garbage/recycling from escaping and littering the facility grounds. Just because it's the dump doesn't mean people have to walk in the garbage; management does a good job of maintaining the bins and the grounds, it's the users who seem to have no regard, no pride, and no shame. GO PREPARED: Have a plan of attack when you go to make it more efficient. If you've never been, do research; call ahead to find out how it works, or make time to go and observe how it works before showing up unprepared with a load. (I hope this review helps with that!) PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND GET OUT OF THE WAY: Space is limited. This facility is not a play area or a place for hanging out and wasting space; people need the limited space to unload, park, walk, and leave so they can get on with their day. Happy dumping!


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